Sunday, December 2, 2012


DIRECTOR: Bill Melendez

WRITER: Charles M. Schulz

I love Snoopy.

I can't remember if I saw this in the theater or on television.

Here's what I remember about the story... A little girl named Lila, was the first person to have custody of Snoopy. But, she had to give him up for reasons unknown.

One day Snoopy finds out that Lila is very ill, so he decides to go live with her. This leaves Charlie Brown with a broken heart.

This animated movie has more heart and soul than most live action movies made for adults.

Charles M. Schulz ( 1922 – 2000 ), Bill Melendez ( 1916 – 2008 ), and everyone involved with PEANUTS, enriched the lives of millions of children, and I was one of those kids.....

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