Saturday, January 26, 2013


The MOB BOSS stars Eddie Deezen, Morgan Fairchild, Irwin Keyes, and William Hickey ( 1927 – 1997 ).

Don Stroud, Dick Miller, Stuart Whitman, Brinke Stevens, and Robert Quarry ( 1925 - 2009 ), also appear in this movie.

It was written by T.L. Lankford, and directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Tony - Eddie Deezen - inherits the position of mob boss, and wackiness ensues.

It's been a VERY VERY LONG TIME since I've seen this movie.

Why?... Because it's still NOT available on legit region one DVD!

There is NO solo DVD, or BLU-RAY / DVD combo, or MOD-DVD. It's NOT even available as part of a multi-movie pack.

Oh come on!

The MOB BOSS deserves a parole!

I don't think MOB BOSS has even aired on any of the "free" tv channels.

A VHS was released by VIDMARK ( AKA LIONSGATE ).

Unless you can find this on grey-market disc, the VHS is your only option.

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