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Kurt Wallander is a Swedish cop. Not only does he have the normal burdens of a police officer, but he also has the additional baggage of worrying about his daughter Linda. She is also a police officer ( in the same precinct ).

Kurt Wallander ( Krister Henriksson )

Linda Wallander ( Johanna Sällström 1974 – 2007 )

Stefan Lindman ( Ola Rapace )

There are several versions of this show. The version I like, and recommend, stars Krister Henriksson and airs on MHZ NETWORKS in the United States. Do NOT confuse it with the sanitized soap-opera version starring Kenneth Branagh. That version airs on PBS in the United States. There's also at least one other Swedish version, starring Rolf Lassgard.

MASTERMIND is my favorite episode so far, and that's what I'm going to focus my attention on.

Lothar Kraftzcyk ( Michael Nyqvist )

The killer - Lothar Kraftzcyk - is a genius, and a master of disguise. His motive is revenge. There are plenty of genuine surprises, and frights.

Simple-minded slashers like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, do NOT scare me, and they never have. Lothar Kraftzcyk, the character portrayed by Michael Nyqvist, DOES scare me. He's genuinely chilling.

The character of Kurt Wallander is from a series of books written by Henning Mankell.
I do NOT know if this series is directly based on any of the books.

Region one DVDs of the Krister Henriksson version, have been released by MUSIC BOX FILMS and also by MHZ NETWORKS.

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