Saturday, January 12, 2013


Ahhh... Wall Street, the most felon infested part of the United States. Oh well, at least Wanda is giving them a taste of their own medicine.

This is one of my favorite GRINDHOUSE / DRIVE-IN era posters. I absolutely love it!

Wanda - Veronica Hart - is a corporate raider. She wants to play in the big leagues, so she heads to New York and tries to steal a big company.

Some folks have gotten the wrong idea about some of my previous posts. So, let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am NOT anti-porn. But I AM against delusional-egomaniacs, and the neverending amount of morons that believe porn flicks are the gateway to so-called mainstream stardom. This also applies to the countless delusional-skanks that call themselves SCREAM QUEENS.

Veronica Hart - and a bunch of other folks making porn films in those days - actually had talent. For many of these folks, acting in these movies seemed to be an act of social rebellion.

I don't know which company released it on VHS.

VIDEO-X-PIX released it on region one DVD, and they use poster art for the cover.

It's presented in FULLscreen, and the only extras are trailers.

There's no booklet, but it does have a color advertising card.

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