Sunday, November 17, 2013


Could you save the world with a wad of chewing gum, a dust bunny, and a used tampon?!.... Well, MacGyver could!

That guy was really handy with just about anything!

This show was McCheesy and that's why I liked it. Plus, Richard Dean Anderson seemed to be having fun with his role.

I never watched the entire series, but I did enjoy the episodes I saw.

As you probably know, MacGyver was played by Richard Dean Anderson.

One of my favorite episodes was called MacGYVER's WOMEN.

"HOW OLD?!.. I thought she was 31!.. Honest!" - The preceding quote was NOT from the show... I'm just being a smart-ass...

"Hey MacGyver!, weren't you going to ride me like a pony?" - The preceding quote was NOT from the show...

To avoid dealing with his three female houseguests, MacGyver goes to his bedroom and watches an old western. Minutes later, he falls asleep and becomes part of the movie he was watching. His female guests are also part of his dream... he-he-he. Get your mind out of the gutter, it ain't that kind of dream.

Anyway, the three female characters are played by, Traci Lords, Kim Zimmer, and Brigitta Stenberg.

I think there were two or three made-for-tv MacGYVER flicks, but I'm not sure.

I don't think the series - or movies - were released on VHS domestically.

Individual series sets - and movies - were released on region one DVD by PARAMOUNT.

The COMPLETE SERIES was also released on region one DVD by PARAMOUNT... It ain't cheap!...

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