Sunday, February 23, 2014


One of Ed Wood's LOST films was found by a Canadian man named Dimitrios Otis.

For a while now, I've been reading about THE YOUNG MARRIEDS being released on DVD... Well, it hasn't happened yet.

I've been told that Dimitrios Otis has a FACEBOOK page. However, it does NOT appear to be visible unless you're a member. I'm NOT going to join FECES-book, just to find out what's happening with the movie.

If anyone reading this, knows the current status of THE YOUNG MARRIEDS, please leave a comment.

I don't know much about the film, other than it's supposedly Ed Wood's last movie.


  1. I'll believe it when I see it.

    And yeah, Facebook sucks.

  2. Hi, I appreciate your musings when and IF this lost Ed Wood film will come out! The long delay is a story in itself----but I can tell you all the film elements are collected (The Young Marrieds will be released in a multi-set of rare Wood-related films) and I have submitted my Liner notes to the company releasing it. The Young Marrieds is both definitively an Ed Wood movie and more revealing of his unique take on sexual identities.

  3. Mr. Otis,

    Thank you for reading and leaving an answer.

    I really appreciate it.

    I hope the disc comes out very soon.

  4. The Young Marrieds was released on the 3-movie, single-disc DVD set "Ed Wood's Dirty Movies" by After Hours Cinema. I wrote the Liner Notes.

  5. Thanks for letting me know Mr. Otis... I'll get a copy as soon as I can.

  6. Look forward to an insightful review!

  7. I went to the ALTERNATIVE CINEMA website to check out the price... It costs $28 U.S. dollars plus shipping.

    My wallet is upset... ha-ha-ha... So, I'll have to wait a bit, before I order it.

    The link below is for those that want to get it directly from AC.....