Sunday, March 16, 2014


THE NEW COMERS is supposedly one of several x-rated films made by Lloyd Kaufman ( yes, TOXIE's father ).

THE NEW COMERS - aka SEVEN DELICIOUS WISHES - appears to be "lost".

I've been told, that THE NEW COMERS may have been intentionally destroyed. But, I can NOT confirm that as fact.

I can NOT find any clips from the film.

I also can NOT find any legit - or grey market - VHS tapes, DVDs, or online videos.

If anyone has actually seen this movie, or knows if this film still exists, let me know.

Some of the cast members are..... Harry Reems ( 1947 - 2013 ), Tina Russell ( 1948 – 1981 ), Jamie Gillis ( 1943 - 2010 ), Georgina Spelvin, and many others.

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