Thursday, March 13, 2014


Does anyone at AMAZON pay attention to what's posted in the review sections?!

Is anybody else sick and tired of all the FUCKING RETARDS that post so-called "reviews"?

I think it's safe to say that at least HALF of the so-called "reviews" posted on AMAZON are FUCKING USELESS. Especially when the subject is movies, and books.

As a consumer, I do NOT care about other people's OPINIONS of movies or books - that includes opinions from professional movie and book critics. I just want to know about he actual product!

Most of those DOUCHEBAGS, do NOT tell you anything about the product. They just ramble on, and on, and on, about how much the movie - or book - sucked.... That's their opinion, NOT a fucking fact!

They DON'T even tell you which version of said movie they're reviewing!

Is it a DVD?, DVD-R?, HD-DVD?, BLU-RAY?, VIDEO CD?, BETA?, VHS?, LASERDISC?, VIDEODISC?, online version?... Which one damn-it?!

Many movies have been released by more than one company, and some companies have released certain titles more than once.

How difficult is it, to tell everyone which company made your DVD?

How many discs?... 1 disc?, 2 discs?, 3 discs?

Is it the UN-cut version?, R-rated version?, censored version?

Is it WIDEscreen?, or FULLscreen?

Does it have "burned-in" subtitles?

Is it a double sided disc?, or single sided?

Is it a "pressed" disc, or an MOD?

Is it region one?... Two?, Three?, Four?, etc....

I know that AMAZON has added small description labels, such as "DVD", and "AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO", but it's still NOT specific enough. Plus, AMAZON's product descriptions have been WRONG far too many times.

You also have countless SHIT-HEADS using the review section to complain about SERVICE ISSUES!... Things like, the way their package was shipped to them. Or they didn't get their package, or they got the wrong product, or it was broken, and on, and on, and on!

Address your complaint to AMAZON, or the THIRD-PARTY SELLER you purchased it from!... Those same SHIT-HEADS proceed to give the product an undeserved BAD rating!

There are also countless DOUCHEBAGS that give PRODUCTS a BAD rating, because THEY did NOT read the product description!... There was one person that ordered a DVD, thinking he was ordering a plastic model kit!

I also remember some STUPID BITCH that purchased a DVD collection of TRAILERS. She was pissed because they were NOT full movies. She did NOT read the product description, but still gave the item a BAD rating!


Sometimes, it seems as if the same person is posting countless negative - or positive - reviews under different names ( they do the same thing on the IMDB ).

People like that, should be banned from posting "reviews"!

Hey AMAZON, get rid of all those FUCKING TROLLS... ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I should have posted this years ago, when I still HAD an account with AMAZON. Oh well, better late than never.

FYI: Many folks like myself still use the AMAZON website as a reference tool.

This has been a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, we now return you to our regularly scheduled program.....

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