Saturday, March 1, 2014


ECHO BRIDGE has released the un-cut version of the low-budget thriller called ZIPPERFACE ( region one DVD ).

The cheesy-sleazy film is part of a twenty movie pack called 20 HORROR FILMS.

It's actually two 10 packs in a cardboard slip-case ( standard sized DVD cases ).

Each set contains 2 single sided discs.

I found it at WALMART for less than ten dollars.

When I got it home, I noticed that each case had a loose DVD. One disc in each set was scratched. However, they played perfectly, and that's what matters.

The discs were loose because one spindle in each case was broken.


Also, the two discs from the first set were in the second case, and vice versa!

The only other region one DVD of ZIPPERFACE, is the CUT version released by GLOBAL MULTIMEDIA CORPORATION ( it was made to sell for one dollar ).

All the nude scenes and some of the violence were cut from the GLOBAL DVD.

The ECHO BRIDGE version clocks-in at over 89 minutes, and is presented in FULLscreen. The GLOBAL version is slightly over 86 minutes long and is also FULLscreen.

FYI: I'm still going to hold onto my censored GLOBAL version.

My original ZIPPERFACE post is here ( click link below ).


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