Thursday, March 27, 2014


A young Kathleen Beller, in a commercial for MARS ALMOND chocolate bar.

I liked Ms. Beller a lot when I was young, and I thought she was cute.

The MARS ALMOND chocolate bar commercial, can be found on disc one of MILL CREEK's 1001 CLASSIC COMMERCIALS DVD ( region one ). It has three single sided discs.

Ms. Beller appears in FORT APACHE THE BRONX.

Just for the record, this movie is NOT horrible. Most professional critics want you to believe it's terrible beyond words.... big surprise huh?

It was released on both VHS and region one DVD, by HBO.


HAWAII FIVE-O was released on region one DVD by PARAMOUNT.

THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN was released on region one DVD by UNIVERSAL.

I loved watching her in made-for-tv movies - such as, NO PLACE TO HIDE and ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE?... They're both among my favorite made-for-tv movies.

NO PLACE TO HIDE was released on legit VHS by PRISM ENTERTAINMENT, and it MAY have been released by a couple of other companies.

I don't think NO PLACE TO HIDE has ever had a legit region one DVD release. I've never even seen a grey-market DVD, and that's a shame.

FYI: Do NOT get this movie confused with other films that use the same title.

ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? was released at least once, on legit VHS. However, I can NOT remember the name of the company.

It's also been released on region one DVD by SHOUT FACTORY / SCREAM FACTORY ( paired with THE INITIATION OF SARAH ).

I think most folks recognize Ms. Beller from the night-time soap DYNASTY.

The show was released on region one DVD by PARAMOUNT.

Does anyone remember watching her in THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER?

It's cheesy fun, regardless of what critics say.

I think it was released on VHS by MCA, and ANCHOR BAY may have released it on region one DVD.

I'll always remember watching her in a movie called THE BETSY.

In my opinion, Kathleen Beller is the main reason to watch this movie, and the only reason this flick still sells.

How can anyone forget her pool scene?! It's one of my favorite nude scenes ever! I love the mood, the pace, and of course Ms. Beller's natural beauty.

The movie was based on the novel by Harold Robbins.

I think the film was released on legit VHS twice. Once by WARNER BROS, and once by CBS / FOX.

As for a legit region one DVD, WARNER BROS released it in butchered FULLscreen form. I will say this, you probably get to see more of Ms. Beller in the FULLscreen version.

FYI: WARNER BROS originally released THE BETSY DVD in a snap-case, and it had a decent looking cover. For whatever reason, they decided to release the keep-case version with a shitty photo cover.

DVD snap-case version ( left ), and the Keep-case version ( right ) - Did they hire a seven year old to photoshop the keep-case cover?

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