Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Until a few years ago, I've never cared about Stephen King's work. But then I read THE COLORADO KID, and I liked it more than I thought I would.

A while ago, I saw a cardboard display for the mass market version of JOYLAND at my local BARNES & NOBLE.

I went back the next weekend to ask if I could have it, or buy it, but it was gone... CRAP!

Does this book deserve all the praise it has received?... In my opinion, yes.

I had purchased the trade paperback edition, but it just sat on my shelf gathering dust. Then I purchased the mass market paperback version, and read the entire book on the weekend.

I could identify with many of the things the main character was experiencing.

Mr. King even makes a game of SCRABBLE seem intriguing. The conversation that takes place between those characters feels genuinely real.

After reading JOYLAND, I'll never look at kites the same way again.

I love this book very much, and I hope it gets made into a movie soon.

JOYLAND is one of those books you put in a special place, both physically and mentally.

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