Thursday, February 19, 2015


I really liked this woman, and I had a big childhood crush on her. Especially after I saw Ms. Wymer in THE YOUNG GRADUATES.

I also enjoyed this movie when I was young, and still do.

Would it be accurate, to describe THE YOUNG GRADUATES as the WONDER YEARS on acid?.... No it wouldn't, but that would be very interesting to see.

I think THE YOUNG GRADUATES should be described as the cinematic equivalent of a vintage sleazy novel, and I mean that in the best way possible!

Here's a list of some of this movie's contents...

Students that possess the intelligence of carrots and baked potatoes.

An unethical relationship between a teacher and student ( he's married and she just turned 18 ).

A cool looking Meyers Manx.

A stupid fist fight.

A skinny-dipping scene with very little skin from Ms. Wymer.

A short but wild road trip.

Pissed-off bikers.

Capitalistic hippies with drugs.

A shower scene involving Terri Johnson ( a very nice bonus ).

And last, but not least, an alcoholic drink thrown at someone's face, and the extremely over dramatic reaction that follows ( I couldn't stop laughing ).

THE YOUNG GRADUATES was released on region one DVD many tiimes, by BCI and MILL CREEK.

Another Wymer flick is called THE BABYSITTER.

I don't like this movie as much as THE YOUNG GRADUATES. But she's the star, and that means, more screen time for Ms. Wymer... Plus, she shows a lot of skin.

So what's the movie about?... Well, the title should tell you a lot.

Lets go into the cinematic-kitchen and make ourselves a snack... First, add an out-of-shape older man that has an affair with his babysitter. Then add some blackmail, Sappho-shenanigans, and even a spicy taco eating scene. All good ingredients for a great tasting cheesy-sleazy delight. Well, it makes me happy, and that's all that matters.

THE BABYSITTER has been released several times on region one DVD, by BCI, MILL CREEK, and CODE RED.

I saw her for a third time in the supernatural flick called THE WITCHMAKER.

This movie is also known as THE LEGEND OF WITCH HOLLOW.

Ms. Wymer's role is small, but you'll remember her.

Larry Vincent also makes an appearance in this film.

I don't think this movie was available on "pressed" disc, until CODE RED released it.

Unfortunately, it appears that WITCHMAKER aka LEGEND OF WITCH HOLLOW is out-of-print.

The only other release that I know of, is on DVD-R. It's from a company called SINISTER CINEMA.

Supposedly, she appeared in a made-for-tv musical special called WHERE THE GIRLS ARE. I've never met anyone who has seen it.

According to the IMDB, Ms. Wymer appeared in a tv show called MALIBU U.

The show aired on ABC.

I can NOT find any record of MALIBU U having ever been released on VHS, or region one DVD... In fact, I can't even find it on grey-market DVD-R.

Fortunately, I found a few online videos.

Screengrabs of Patricia Wymer in MALIBU U... Can anyone confirm that this is indeed Ms. Wymer?... I made these screengrabs from a poor quality YOUTUBE video.

She only seems to have a handful of credits listed on the IMDB... There must be more.

I can't find very much information about her.

Did she write, or produce?

Did she model for men's magazines?... I think I may have seen her in a couple of old publications, but I'm NOT certain.

Did she perform a strip act, or do XXX work?

Is she still alive?.....

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