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This is not your average serial killer film, and I mean that in a GOOD way.

I've always had mostly positive feelings about this flick.

Please don't confuse most movies about serial killers with slasher flicks... If a serial killer movie is done correctly, there is a big difference between the two.

Screengrabs above - Beverly's house, Beverly, and Richard and Beverly

In rural Indiana, a young man named Richard goes to see a small town prostitute named Beverly Stevens. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, she's dead.

One of her customers is a cop called John Ryan. He appears to be in love with her. Why?... I don't know. Maybe, she's a prostitute with a heart of artichokes ( instead of gold ). I think she's just a used-up, VD-infested, money-hungry-bitch. To each their own, right?... ha-ha-ha.

After her murder, John TELLS his boss, he's going to New York on "vacation".

Meanwhile, Richard hitchhikes to New York city. He gets a room at a dilapidated building. He also calls his mother to inform her of his whereabouts. I might be mistaken, but I don't remember any mention of his father.

Richard kinda-sorta has a friendship with Candice, an older pill-popping female neighbor.

Screengrbs above, clockwise from top left corner, Richard ( or is it Kevin Arnold on ACID?... ha-ha-ha ), Richard getting laid, and the bottom two frames show Richard lusting after his next victim

While in his neighbor's kitchen, Richard looks out the window towards the building next door. He spots a beautiful female prostitute, and becomes obsessed with her.

Screengrab above - John and Tom

When John gets to New York, he makes friends with some local donut-holes, and tells them he's after Beverly's killer.

Just for the record, Richard does not appear to be sexually frustrated, because he gets laid. In fact, he appears to develop feelings for a young woman, until he finds out she's married.

The days roll by, and John is getting closer to finding Richard.

Screengrabs above show Nancy and one of her geeky customers

As for the ending, just know this, it's not often that you see a potential female victim use her mind and fight back.

There are a few scenes that I found unintentionally funny.

There's also some narration by Richard. Imagine Travis Bickle performing the narration for the WONDER YEARS. That's what I thought of, as I listened to Richard express his feelings.

I almost forgot to mention that Richard gets a job at a YOO-HOO factory!

How the hell did a serial killer flick get permission from YOO-HOO, to have it's main character work in one of their factories?!

Imagine the narrator of a YOO-HOO commercial saying, "Some of New York's youngest and most promising serial killers drink YOO-HOO!... Why?, because It gives them that special dose of energy they need!"

This movie actually appears to have been filmed in New York.

The rotten apple during the seventies was America's cesspool. Now it's America's corporate whorehouse. Which is worse?

I think this movie was well made, and I like it.

Writing credits go to Robert Jahn.

Directed by Joseph Zito

It stars.....

Ian Scott as Richard.

James Johnston as the small town cop John Ryan.

Rita Ebenhart plays his older female neighbor Candice, and her dog Ruby is played by ?

Betsy Ramlow plays Nancy, the fantasy girl from the building next door. Ms. Ramlow deserves MUCH MORE credit than she gets in this movie.

Judith-Marie Bergan plays Beverly. She's got an impressive list of credits. Tons of tv shows, theatrical films, and made-for-tv-movies.

Newspaper article on left is about Ms. Bergan and a tv show called DOMESTIC LIFE ( from Rome Georgia U.S.A. - Jan. 20, 1984 ).... Newspaper ad on the right, is for ABDUCTION starring Judith-Marie Bergan ( from Florence Alabama U.S.A. - Dec. 11, 1975 ).

And last but never least, Mr. Noir, Lawrence Tierney! He's got a good sized role in this movie. He plays Tom Malone, a New York city cop in charge of a local precinct.

I loved watching Mr. Tierney in countless noir / crime flicks when I was young. He was the real deal.

Newspaper blurb about Mr. Tierney's role in this movie ( from Sarasota Florida U.S.A. - July 10, 1980 )

VHS is how I first saw this movie, so I know for certain, that it was released on tape in the United States. But, I don't remember if it was a legit release.

I've never been able to find a pressed region one DVD. I've only seen shitty DVD-Rs for sale. If it's not on pressed disc, don't waste your money!

I hope MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT finds BLOODRAGE, and other rare films, and releases them as part of a new 50 pack of movies... but, I don't think that's going to happen.

You can find BLOODRAGE online for free, that's how I was able to watch it again, after all these years.

BLOODRAGE is also known as NEVER PICK UP A STRANGER ( I like this title more ).

If anyone reading this, has some FACT based "behind the scenes" information, please consider sharing your memories. I'd love to hear about the making of this movie.

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