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I was really skeptical about this show, when I first found out about it. I was also expecting a sugar-coated, and cliched version of the sixties. Well, I was wrong.

Most of the characters are complex ( good and bad sides to them ), and that goes a long way to helping me think of them as real human beings.

AQUARIUS takes place during 1967.

A fictional version of charles manson is the main target of a cop, played by David Duchovny. However, not all of the crimes are releated to him.

As for the sixties, it's shown warts-n-all.... And that's a GOOD thing! The so-called "good old days" weren't good for everyone. The same is true of every decade, but especially the sixties and seventies. Why?... Because of all the changes that were taking place.

AQUARIUS has a really strong "in-your-face" attitude. You usually only see that on cable / satellite channel shows.

In the long-term, I think the first season of AQUARIUS will definitely become a cult classic.

MINI-RANT... The ratings system does NOT reflect reality, and never has. And yet, the "free" channels still worship the FALSE NUMBERS.

This is a beautiful looking show, it's extremely cinematic.

There are a lot of things about AQUARIUS that reminded me of David Fincher and James Vanderbilt's movie version of Robert Graysmith's book, ZODIAC.

I think AQUARIUS would make a great companion to ZODIAC.

The show even had a rendition of HURDY GURDY MAN in one episode.

Newspaper clippings about the abomination called manson... From 1971 top, 1984 middle, and 1985 bottom... It's a slap in the face to every decent human that he is still alive, has a roof over his head, food in his stomach, health care, and entertainment... all courtesy of the taxpayer. It's too bad he wasn't killed when someone set him on fire..... I feel the same way about his followers, and all the morally bankrupt people that support him.

AQUARIUS was written by various people.

The show was directed by various individuals, including John Dahl.

It stars.....

David Duchovny as Sam Hodiak

Grey Damon as Brian Shafe

Claire Holt as Charmain Tully

Gethin Anthony as charles manson

Also appearing are, Emma Dumont, Michaela McManus, Bri­an F. O'Byrne, Gaius Charles, David Meunier, Graham Beckel, Ambyr Childers, Tara Lynne Barr, Jodi Harris, and many others.

A truly wonderful job by everyone in front and behind the camera!

As I write this, you can watch AQUARIUS over-the-air on NBC ( on Thursday nights ), or you can view it online for FREE, at the NBC webstie. You can also watch it for free at the HULU website. Plus, the IMDB also has free episodes ( via HULU ). Whichever you choose, I recommend you watch it before the episodes disappear.

As for region one dvd... ANCHOR BAY will supposedly release the entire series soon... See quotes below...

"Anchor Bay to Distribute Uncensored 'Aquarius' on Disc" - Quote from HOME MEDIA MAGAZINE.com ( June 8, 2015 )

Note the word "uncensored", I was hoping there were two versions of the show, and appearantly there is.

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