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Screengrab of Colleen Brennan from the film ALICE GOODBODY aka GOSH

I recently listened to the RIALTO REPORT's audio interview with Ms. Brennan, and it was an absolute joy.

I don't know why, but listening to her laughter made me feel good.

You can hear her interview at their website ( see link below )


It has become one of my favorite episodes.

I want to briefly mention four of her films...

Newspaper ad for LITTLE CIGARS - from June 4, 1973 ( St. Petersburg Florida U.S.A. )

I was never sure if the beautiful redhead in this movie was Ms. Brennan, or just wishful thinking on my behalf, but she verified it.

Her character has one or two lines, and that makes her appearance even more enjoyable.

Screengrabs of Colleen Brennan in LITTLE CIGARS

She looks so lovely, my youthful eyes were hypnotized by the sight of her.

I don't know if this movie was ever released on legit VHS in the United States.

Screengrab from LITTLE CIGARS... Look to the right of Angel Tompkins, see the expression on Ms. Brennan's face?... Wow... I wonder what she was thinking about.

LITTLE CIGARS was released via an official MOD-DVD by MGM. As I write this, it still has NOT been released on PRESSED disc... I think that's BULLSHIT!

Newspaper ad for INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS - from June 9, 1973 ( Milwaukee Wisconsin U.S.A. )

I was never one hundred percent sure, if Ms. Brennan was the woman on the motorcycle ( it was indeed her, she confirmed it ).

Screengrabs of Colleen Brennan from BEE GIRLS

Her character doesn't say anything. BUTT, at least we get to see her.

BEE GIRLS has been released far too many times, and on almost every format you can think of. Most of the DVD's you'll find, seem to contain a CUT / CENSORED version of this film.

Newspaper ad for ALICE GOODBODY aka GOSH - from Oct. 17, 1975 ( Toledo Ohio U.S.A. )

I don't remember much about this movie, other than Ms. Brennan was in it, and she was the main character. But, that was enough of a reason for me to watch.

Good luck trying to find a copy of this flick!

Screengrabs of Colleen Brennan from the film ALICE GOODBODY aka GOSH

I'm positive it was released on VHS, because I had a copy. However, I don't remember if it was a legit tape.

As far as DVDs are concerned, CODE RED released the ALICE GOODBODY version on pressed disc. Unfortunately, it's out-of-print.

I think another company may have released it on pressed DVD, but I don't remember the name of that company.

Newspaper ad for TRINITY BROWN - from Aug. 21, 1985 ( Niantic Connecticut U.S.A. )

I have not seen this movie since it was released on VHS!

Screengrabs of Colleen Brennan from TRINITY BROWN ( trailer )

Ms. Brennan played a beautiful cop, and that's all I remember.

I'm not sure, but I think TRINITY BROWN was released on VHS by CAL VISTA - remember them? I don't know if they're still in business, or if they used any other names.

As for DVD, I believe a company called VCX released it on pressed DVD ( in the United States ).

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