Saturday, June 20, 2015


Print ad for one of her burlesque shows ( Toledo U.S.A. 1975 )

As you may know, Blaze Starr died recently.

Ms. Starr seemed to have lived her life the way she wanted. How many of us will ultimately be able to say the same?

Newspaper articles about Blaze Starr

Blaze appeared to be a smart, no nonsense, strong-willed individual.

Ms. Starr had been on her own since her teens.

Screengrabs from the movie BLAZE

A movie about her, called BLAZE, was released in the late eighties. It starred Paul Newman, Lolita Davidovich, Jerry Hardin, and others. Even Ms. Starr appeared in it.

Print ad for one of her burlesque shows ( Miami U.S.A. 1981 )

Screengrabs from an interview with Ms. Starr

She looked fantastic!

Ms. Starr was the real deal, NO artificial flavors or fillers, if you know what I mean. She was also the kind of woman that could make a man stand-at-attention without taking off a single stitch of clothing!


She looks absolutely incredible in BLAZE STARR GOES NUDIST. It was made by one of my favorite filmmakers, Doris Wishman.

Print ad for one of her burlesque shows ( Montreal Canada 1964 )

Screengrabs of Blaze Starr in the film BUXOM BEAUTEASE

Ms. Starr also appears in a film called BUXOM BEAUTEASE, which was made by Irving Klaw.

Blaze Starr will always shine brightly.....

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  1. Wishman's early "nudie cuties" are a lot of fun; the later "roughies" not so much, IMHO. A smart and funny lady in all of her interviews, for sure!