Tuesday, August 2, 2016



GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 was NOT a BLOCKBUSTER. It TANKED. It never even reached the number one position.

There is NO amount of 'positive spin' that can make a steaming pile of PIG-SHIT like GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 smell as sweet as fresh strawberries!

I repeat, it was NOT a success, financially or artistically.

GHOSTBUSTERS action figures or VOODOO DOLLS?... Hey MATTEL, did the GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 toy line break-even yet? Stop trying to put a 'positive spin' on your poor decision.

Does anyone know if the Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones figures make burping and farting sounds?

When did it become acceptable behavior for mothers to cheer gun violence in front of their daughters?! I could not believe my eyes at the way a few mothers acted!

Is shooting a female character in the vagina, and then cheering about it in front of your son acceptable behavior?... Is it?!

What a bunch of FUCKING HYPOCRITES!... MISANDRY is NOT equality!... And being a MISANDRIST is just as VILE as being a misogynist!

You can NOT have it both ways! If it's OK, to cheer violence against males and portray them as the buffoons of this world, then it's OK to cheer violence against females and portray them as complete morons!

Also, to all the SELF-LOATHING MALES, finish your gender reassignment surgery, and SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP! What a bunch of PUSSIES!

To all the corrupt entertainment writers that gave this celluloid crap-fest a good reveiw, people will remember your total LACK of integrity.

Almost everyone involved with this fiasco has ended up burning a lot of bridges. MILLIONS OF CONSUMERS are going to remember how they were treated. Think about this, SONY reached an extremely low point, when it started insulting and defaming it's customers ( for ANY type of criticism against GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 ).

Hey SONY, you're full of BOLONEY - among other things - and I want my money back!

As of July 31, GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 has NOT reached the break-even point!... Try putting a 'positive spin' on that SONY!

And yet, some idiots are trying to make it sound as if the movie has already broken-even. That's ridiculous, the studio does NOT get ALL the money the movie has made. They're also forgetting about the enormous marketing costs.

QUOTE below from the FORBES website ( July 31, 2016 )....
"Sony’s Ghostbusters made $9.8 million (-53%) on its third weekend (while losing 911 theaters) to bring its cume to $106.17m. So yeah, it’s not showing any legs"

Meanwhile, JASON BOURNE made approximately 60 MILLION on it's first weekend.

When, and IF, GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 ever gets released on DVD/ BLU-RAY, you can count on a price drop sooner rather than later.

It felt good to get that off my chest!


It's official, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, and Rosario Dawson, all have SHIT FOR BRAINS.

If you waste your vote, you deserve to lose it... permanently.


"This is NOT a reality tv show, this is REALITY!"

The screengrabs above, and below, are from the tv show REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER ( MODIFIED by yours truly ).

When I saw this episode, I could not stop laughing.

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