Friday, August 26, 2016


Newspaper ad above is for a foursome of films... BORN LOSERS, THE HARD RIDE, EVEL KNIEVEL, and CHROME & HOT LEATHER ( from Spartanburg South Carolina, Feb. 20, 1973 )... Plus, screengrabs below are from THE HARD RIDE.

Newspaper ad above is for two rare films, HOT SUMMER SESSION, and SEX MACHINE ( from New York city, 1975 ).

Newspaper ad above is for THE SEX CYCLE, and COME RIDE THE WILD PINK HORSE ( from Youngstown Ohio, 1967 )... Screengrabs below are from COME RIDE THE WILD PINK HORSE .

Newspaper ad above is for a couple of rare flicks, DAISY, and GENIUS IN LOVE... Plus a short film ( from New York city, 1971 ).

Newspaper ad above is for FRIDAY FOSTER, SHEBA BABY, BRUCE LEE SUPER DRAGON, and THREE THE HARD WAY ( from Daytona Florida, Sept. 4, 1976 ).

Newspaper ad above is for three very rare films, THE MODEL HUNTERS, A TASTE OF YOUTH, and GIRLS AND THE LOVE GAMES aka HUNGRY FOR SEX ( from Rome Georgia, Dec. 29, 1978 ).

And last but not least, a letter to the editor of the PRESCOTT COURIER ( from Prescott Arizona, July 9, 1980 )... Some right-wing religious fanatic sent a letter complaining about some R rated horror flicks.

Apparently, movies were invented just for her, and all films must meet HER STANDARDS of 'DECENCY'.

Did someone point a gun to her head, and force her to pay for admission to the theater and watch something she claims she finds offensive?!.....

I never should have gotten rid of all my press kits, press books, posters, and misc promotional materials - I couldn't take it with me, every time I moved.

I also had movie theater flyers, and other related items.

Currently, I only have a small collection of recent ephemera. This time, I'm going to try and keep all of it.

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