Wednesday, August 17, 2016


It never occurred to me to write about Rene Bond's game show appearance, I don't know why, it just didn't. Maybe it's because she brings back a flood of memories - mostly bad - about a certain place and time I'd rather forget.

Rene appeared on a really short-lived game show called BREAK THE BANK ( maybe two or three times - it was back in the eighties folks, so I don't remember ).

She had obviously gained some weight, but still looked cute, and had the same voice.

Rene, and her hubby, won a few things. A trip to Santa Catalina island was one of those prizes. I would wager that most of the people in California have never been to that island ( FYI - I never visited when I lived in socal ).

Santa Catalina island was - and still is - one of those places almost everyone takes for granted. It's the same everywhere. Think about it, you encounter places for years and not give them a second thought. Sometimes you need to see things through a tourist's eyes, to see what's in front of you.

Anyway, Rene wasn't the only 'adult star' to appear on so-called 'mainstream' tv during the seventies and eighties. There was also Carol Connors on the GONG SHOW. Plus, familiar x-rated faces on talk shows, tv commercials, and soaps.

Screengrabs above are of Joe Farago and Julie Hayek in BREAK THE BANK.

The host and spokesmodel of BREAK THE BANK also had careers, before and after the show.

Below is a very small part of a newspaper article on Julie Hayek ( from 1986 ).

Just for the record, the only game shows I really liked were LET'S MAKE A DEAL ( original version ), THE GONG SHOW, and another short-lived game show that involved nudity. I don't remember the name of the nudity filled game show, but it obviously aired on a cable channel.

Please, remember to flush.....

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