Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Above is a newspaper ad for THE ULTIMATE DEGENERATE, THE SOUL SNATCHER, and a stripper ( from Youngstown Ohio 1969 ).

Can you imagine getting to watch TWO movies for a low price AND see a stripper perform for a little more?.... Now, that's value!... ha-ha-ha.

Screengrabs above are from THE ULTIMATE DEGENERATE.


Michael Findlay, what an artistic eye he had, and I really mean that. There are so many beautiful shots in his movies.

His dialogue is almost always over-the-top, and yet, it's fucking brilliant!

I don't know what else to say.

Screengrabs above are from THE SOUL SNATCHER.


I really like this short film.

A devilish dude gives a woman some gold heels, and trouble ensues.

FYI - Darlene Bennett is in this flick.

I love looking at all the vehicles, the buildings, and even the clothes they're all wearing. Movies truly are the only form of TIME TRAVEL.

I'm NOT sure, but I think both of these movies were released by SOMETHING WEIRD on pressed disc, DVD-R, and download.

Let me throw some names at you, Edward D. Wood Jr, Ray Dennis Steckler, Michael Findlay, Larry Buchanan, Doris Wishman, Barry Mahon, and a bunch of other filmmakers... After all this time, people are still watching and searching for their 'lost' films. That says a lot of positive things about their work. How many people are going to search for 'lost' films made by most of the disposable so-called 'mainstream' directors?

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  1. Cool! Now I have to find SOUL SNATCHER! I used to love SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO, but things have grown somewhat quiet after the sad passing of Mike Vraney (RIP). I still have a box of their DVD-Rs as well as some of the pressed DVDs released by Image. I mean, who else would ever release crazy fun stuff like GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS?