Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The above pictures were taken at the first comic shop I visited. The blurry cell phone photos were taken on May 6, 2017 by yours truly.

FYI #1 - Two of my favorite words are free and fuck, in that order. So, the key word in FREE comic book day is?... ha-ha.

As most of you know, I'm NOT fond of superheros. However, I was convinced by an acquaintance, that I should visit some of my local comic shops on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.

I found out, one of this year's free comics has cover and interior art by Adam Hughes. That was enough to convince me to participate.

These photos were taken at the second comic shop I visited. Both blurry cell pics were taken on May 6, 2017 by yours truly.

I originally, intended to visit four local shops, but I was low on gas, and all the stations I passed seemed to be full.

Long story, short.... I ended up visiting two shops.

The first place was supposed to give out a free backpack style bag to the first fifty people in line. Well, for whatever reason, nobody got one. I did NOT complain. Hey, I got four free comics. Then one of people from the store handed out a bonus comic. So the total was now five free books.

Plus, since I was one of the first fifty people in line, I got a bag containing six more free books and some promotional items ( GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY pin and a CAPTAIN AMERICA button ).

A person should NEVER complain when they're receiving FREE merchandise.... To do so, is just plain absurd and fucking ungrateful!

Both shops I visited were packed, and yes, people were also purchasing items.

The second shop I went to, didn't open until eleven, so I drove across the street to BARNES & NOBLE until it was time for the comic shop to open. I'm happy I went back, because I got an additional five free books.

FYI #2 - I did try to visit a third shop, but they had moved, so I left.

I gave the following four books to a younger family member. The titles were.....

BARBIE ( PAPERCUTZ ) - Enough said... ha-ha.

BONGO FREE-FOR-ALL ( BONGO COMICS ) - Wall to wall SIMPSONS shenanigans, and a FUTURAMA back cover.

UNDERDOG ( AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY PRODUCTIONS ) - Beautiful art that looks just like the original animated series.

SPONGEBOB FREESTYLE FUNNIES ( UNITED PLANKTON PICTURES ) - The sponge dude seems to have a big following with people of all ages.

The other comics I obtained, are as follows......

BETTY & VERONICA #1 ( ARCHIE COMIC PUBLICATIONS ) - Art and story by Adam Hughes. Love the artwork. It's a fun read. It does NOT take itself seriously. The last few pages are devoted to the CW tv series called RIVERDALE.

TEX PATAGONIA ( EPICENTER COMICS ) - This is a preview of an upcoming graphic novel by the same name. I really liked this a lot. It's basically the comic equivalent of a 1970s style Euro-western movie.

WONDER WOMAN #1 SPECIAL EDITION ( DC ) - A new WONDER WOMAN movie is being released, so I guess it's not a surprise DC decided to feature this title on free comic book day. I love the artwork.

WORLD'S GREATEST CARTOONISTS ( FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS ) - A collection of mini stories by many different artists / writers. I like FANTAGRAPHICS so I knew what to expect. Some folks will be turned-off by the somewhat bizarre stories and art.

KEYSER SOZE / THE RIFT ( RED 5 COMICS ) - This is a double feature. The first story involves the main character from the movie THE USUAL SUSPECTS. I did NOT like the artwork in KEYSER SOZE. It had an unfinished look to it - that's the only way, I can describe it. The second story deals with time travel. A fighter pilot from the 1940s somehow ends up in the present. I lilked the art and the story is interesting.

The bonus comics are listed below.

DEADPOOL #1 THE MUSICAL! ( MARVEL ) - This book actually looks like it might be fun. I looked through it, and I like the art. One of my favorite parts of this comic, was a full page color advertisement for the tv show AGENT CARTER. The star, Hayley Atwell, looks beautiful and sexy. The first time I ever saw her was in a mini-series called ANY HUMAN HEART ( it aired on PBS ).

WALKING DEAD #1 ( IMAGE ) - I've only seen a few episodes of this show, and I really do NOT understand what the fuss is about. I'm not saying I hate it, because I don't, but it sure as hell isn't anything we haven't seem a billion times before! That said, I did enjoy this book.

WALKING DEAD #163 ( IMAGE ) - See comments above.

STAR WARS CHEWBACCA ( MARVEL ) - As with The WALKING DEAD, I never understood the FANATICISM associated with these films. Anyway, I gave this book to a younger family member.

THE DELINQUENTS ( VALIANT ) - Seems to be about people with superpowers or supernatural ability. I'll read it later.

ARMOR HUNTERS ( VALIANT ) - I gave this book to a friend.

POWER RANGERS PINK ( BOOM ) - This is NOT my kind of book. So, I gave this to a younger family member.

I did not purchase anything. Why?... Because, I could NOT find what I wanted.

I was looking for some MAD MAX ( VERTIGO / DC ) comic books after I was informed they existed, but neither shop seemed to have them. I also wanted PEEPLAND ( TITAN ). But, once again, neither shop had any issues.

They also did not have any merchandise related to the BIG BANG THEORY. So, that was really disappointing.

FYI #3 - I met more than a few people that were hungover from the previous day's Cinco De Mayo celebrations.

This is the first time I've participated in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. I had a much better time than I thought I was going to have. So, depending on how the rest of this year goes, I may do this again in 2018.

FYI #4 - There was an extremely diverse group of people at the shops, including many families - I think that's a GOOD thing.

Above screengrabs from the USA TODAY and HOLLYWOOD REPORTER websites. Countless news and entertainment publications have posted articles about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY on their websites.

Below is a link to the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY website.....


Above are screengrabs from online videos featuring FREE COMIC BOOK DAY in other countries... Clockwise from upper left corner... France ( with DOCTOR WHO's time machine ), Peru ( with WONDER WOMAN ), Canada, and Mexico.

There are a lot of YOUTUBE videos of people displaying their FCBD hauls. Warning... Some of those folks, look and sound like they were released from mental institutions. Plus, you've got a lot of truly greedy and ungrateful douchebags that love to complain. A lot of those SHIT-HOLES grab books they have NO interest in. I've even seen a few RETARDS destroy some of the items that got. They need a thorough beating!

Nothing I get goes to waste!... NOTHING! Anything I don't like, goes to family members, or friends, or acquaintances.

It's too bad there's no such thing as free health check-up day, or free food day, or free car maintenance day, or free hot actress day, or..... Well, I think you get the idea.


  1. To be honest, other than the hardcover Ditko reprint books that come out once a year or so, I don't buy comics any longer or go to the shops very often.

    I think the last comics I bought regularly were Peter Bagge's NEAT STUFF back in the '80s. Those made me laugh my ass off!

    But I think FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is a very cool project and idea, and a great diversion for kids to maybe get them away from computer games on occasion.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I remember NEAT STUFF and HAD three or four issues. And I also thought it was funny.

      Almost anything that keeps people of all ages from being ADDICTED to electronic devices - cells, laptops, desktops, video games - is a GOOD thing.

      I think it would be far better to be addicted to READING than cells, tweeting, and facebook.....

  2. Agree 100% with your last sentiment! And it's not just kids but as you say, people of all ages who are addicted to their electronics. Ask friends the last time they read a book, and you often get a blank stare...

  3. Speaking of books, discovered that author Louis Charbonneau (40-some books and two unique episodes of the original Outer Limits) died a couple weeks ago. Loved those episodes, "the one with the tumbleweeds" which was actually a lot deeper than most other episodes of the series, and "the one with the two rocks" which was terrifying. Didn't know he also wrote westerns under another name. Will re-read one of his sci-fi paperbacks in his memory. RIP to a talented author.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I'm going to watch those episodes again. It's been a long time since I've seen OUTER LIMITS.