Monday, May 22, 2017


Screengrabs from TWIN PEAKS 1990/1991.

Quote from TWIN PEAKS 1990/1991 - by Donna Hayward - "It's like I'm having the most beautiful dream, and the most terrible nightmare all at once"... In my opinion, that sums up David Lynch's work in a nutshell.

The wilder the better... That has always been my attitude towards TWIN PEAKS the original series, and TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME the movie prequel.

Most folks hated season two, but I didn't. I saw good things during that season.

Screengrabs from FIRE WALK WITH ME.

I also loved the movie.

FIRE WALK WITH ME wasn't held back by network censors. It was in-your-face, and that was the way it should have been.

Screengrabs from FIRE WALK WITH ME.

After all this time, what Leland Palmer did to his daughter is still a subject most tv shows and films refuse to deal with. That attitude speaks volumes, and none of it is good.

Screengrabs from a SHOWTIME promotional video for TWIN PEAKS 2017.

As I write this, I have NOT seen any of the SEASON THREE episodes. Why?... Because it airs on a pay channel ( SHOWTIME ), and I don't have cable.

I was against TWIN PEAKS returning, for the same reason I didn't want the X-FILES to return. Well, I ended-up liking the 2016 version of the X-FILES. I hope I'll feel the same way about the 2017 version of TWIN PEAKS.

I've always loved watching the dreamy/nightmarish world of TWIN PEAKS. Unfortunately, for most of my life I've felt as if I've been trapped in a real life version of a David Lynch film.

One thing is for certain, TWIN PEAKS has come back during one of the most surreal times in history, and that time is now.....

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  1. I watched the original TWIN PEAKS back in the day, but am not so sure I'll watch the new one. I don't have cable either!