Friday, July 6, 2012


Michael Paul Girard

Michael Paul Girard

Dick Monda
Steven B. McMillan
Teri Marlow
Clement Von Franckenstein
John Gidcomb
Johnny Mandell
Rick Bartz
Pee Wee ( the dog )
And many others....

Eddie and Frank ( Steven B. McMillan and Dick Monda )

Norma Jean / Debbie and Pee Wee ( Teri Marlow and Pee Wee )

Dr. Jacoby ( Clement Von Franckenstein )

Marty ( John Gidcomb )

Price ( Johnny Mandell )

Poco ( Rick Bartz )

People - and bimbos - are being murdered at CLUB BODY PARTS.

Detectives Frank Otello, and Eddie Harris are trying to track down the killer, but there are many suspects.

A horny college student named Marty, is the first person blamed for the murders. But, he's got a kinky alibi.

Every time Frank and Eddie think they have the murders figured out, they have to start over.

Frank ends up getting involved with one of the suspects. Her name is Norma Jean / Debbie, and she was fired by the former owner of CLUB BODY PARTS. As usual, this leads to complications.

Out of desperation, Frank and Eddie go see a psychic called Dr. Jacoby. He tells them, that a supernatural connection to the murders exists ( it involves ancient Egypt ).

The bodies continue to pile up.

Will Frank and Eddie find the killer before he, or she, claims their next victim?...

Price: "Iowa, Idaho, blow-hole, what's the difference?"

Eddie: "There seem to be all sorts of perverse psychological factors going on here"

Frank: "It all boils down to either your dick, or your asshole"

Hooker: "Rip my panties off"

Marty: "Gas chamber?!... I didn't know having a menage-a-trois was a capital offense!"

Norma Jean / Debbie: "It was Price, and he looked so funny. He had his pants down below his knees, and Misty's G-string in his mouth... and he was wanking his little willy-wonker, if you know what I mean"

Poco: "I just came over here for a quick blowjob!"

Dr. Jacoby: "I have never known anyone's panties to lie to me"

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I LOVE BODY PARTS!... Hey, why are you looking at me that way?... I mean, I love the movie!

Dick Monda, Steven B. McMillan, Teri Marlow, Clement Von Franckenstein, and John Gidcomb, are genuinely funny.

Plus, as an added bonus, Ms. Marlow is irresistibly adorable!

Some of the humor sneaks up on you, and I also found myself laughing after the movie was over.

If anyone involved with BODY PARTS is reading this, I want to say, you folks put a BIG SMILE on my face. If you think that's NOT worth praising, you're WRONG. Please, don't underestimate the value of laughter, especially during bad times.

BODY PARTS is much darker than ASSAULT OF THE KILLER BIMBOS, but still TONS of fun!

Watch for the dog-shit obstacle course, and the visual "dumb-blonde" joke.

Also, listen for the audio parody of "WHEEL OF FORTUNE", it's hilarious.

I have no idea if BODY PARTS was ever released on VHS.

However, it has been released on region zero DVD by TROMA.


  1. I love this movie. It's funny as hell and never gets old. Marty's interrogation in particular kills me every time. The actual reason for the killings is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen on film but it's why it works so well. I wrote a really shitty review of it months ago that I'll probably re-do at some point as this movie deserves better. Definitely one of Vista Street's legimate "good" films, (not inclduing the so bad it's entertaining Witchcraft series, Girard also helmed 2 of those). Nice to see Body Parts get more love.

  2. Thanks for the comments!... Yes, it does not get the love it deserves... I forgot about those "Witchcraft" flicks...

    1. Believe me once you've danced with the entire Witchcraft series it'll be impossible to forget them. They're incredibly stupid but fun to watch.

      Cool site you got here, been browsing around since I found your Body Parts post.