Saturday, May 11, 2013


TOWERING INFERNO is one of the few "disaster" flicks that bored me.

As usual, there's a huge star-studded cast. Icons, like Steve McQueen ( 1930 – 1980 ), Paul Newman ( 1925 - 2008 ), and Fred Astaire ( 1899 – 1987 ) appear in this movie.

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen on top... Below, we have Fred Astaire and... Well, the less said about the other guy, the better... RUN FRED!!!!!, RUN!!!!!

TOWERING INFERNO was released on VHS by FOX.

It was released on region one DVD at least three times!.... As a solo disc, as a GREAT TWO DISC special edition, and as part of a CRAPPY double feature ( paired with a pile-of-shit called volcano ).

FOX has also released the movie on BLU-RAY.

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