Wednesday, May 1, 2013


In my opinion, DEADLY BLESSING has the feel of a made-for-tv movie - that's NOT a criticism.

I think Ernest Borgnine ( 1917 – 2012 ) is outstanding!

Susan Buckner ( Vickey ), and Jeff East ( John ), are the heart of this movie. They're the characters I got attached to the most.

Lois Nettleton ( 1927 – 2008 ), Douglas Barr, Maren Jensen, Michael Berryman, and Sharon Stone also star in this movie.

I like this flick. But, there are some things that really annoy me.....

The BATHTUB nude scene is RIDICULOUS... QUESTION: When was the last time you took a bath with your underwear ON?!.... You can see her fucking undies AND her see-through top. There is a simple solution for this problem... hire an actress that actually does her own nude scenes!... Do it CORRECTLY, or do NOT do it at all!

Just for the record, I think Lisa Hartman is a million times more attractive than Sharon Stone.

DEADLY BLESSING was released on VHS ( can't remember which company ).

It's been released on region one DVD by SHOUT FACTORY ( SCREAM FACTOY ).

A BLU-RAY has also been released by SHOUT FACTORY ( SCREAM FACTORY ).

I love the new cover art.

FYI: You can watch it for free on HULU.

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