Friday, May 24, 2013


This post is about VIDEOdiscs ( NOT to be confused with LASERdiscs ).

Anyway, some of the VIDEOdisc fanatics I knew, were constantly pissed-off.

Why?... It seems they had the misfortune of purchasing faulty discs and players.

I also knew folks that had NO problems. These folks tried to convince me that VIDEOdiscs would become far more popular than VHS or BETA.

When they were functioning properly, they looked and sounded great.

VIDEOdiscs were roughly the same size as vinyl records, and took up the same amount of storage space. That was NOT good.

I HATED LPs, and I felt the same way about VIDEOdiscs, and LASERdiscs.

I was impressed by the video quality, and other things, but that couldn't convince me to abandon VHS.

Would you buy a VIDEODISC from this woman?.... I would...

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