Saturday, June 1, 2013


SUPERVIXENS is my favorite Russ Meyer movie.

Russ Meyer( 1922 – 2004 ), wrote and directed this super-silly, sexy, and fun flick.

Charles Napier ( 1936 – 2011 ), is one of the stars of SUPERVIXENS.

It's so much fun watching his character go bananas.

As usual, there are wall-to-wall hot babes in this movie.

I don't think any company in the United States currently has home video rights to his films.

There's a company in England that has released his films on DVD, but they're region TWO discs.

NOTE: As I write this, Russ Meyer's official website is selling SUPERVIXENS region one DVDs for the ridiculous price of $39.95!

Is the SUPERVIXENS disc made from platinum?, or gold?, or pure silver?, or some other precious material?

Remember folks, there's always someTHING else to spend your money on, and someWHERE else to spend it!

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