Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I love the artwork on this poster.

One of the few things about the VHS era I miss, is the box cover art.

Most of the smaller companies used poster ART, or made their own ART for the VHS / BETA boxes.

I almost always preferred artwork to photos.

Unfortunately, most of the major studios preferred to slap INCREDIBLY SHITTY photos, or equally horrible photo collages, onto their box covers.

As you know, they're STILL DOING IT! However, now it's the DVD's and BLU-RAY's that are receiving the hideous covers.

Anyway, STRIPPED TO KILL stars, Kay Lenz, Greg Evigan, Norman Fell ( 1924 – 1998 ), and others.

There's a killer on the loose, and.... well, you know how the story goes.

It's a fun flick, but some of the stripping scenes are a little boring - I can't believe I'm saying that!

It's a hoot watching Norman Fell as the strip club owner.

I had a legit VHS that was released by MGM.

MGM seemed to care more about the presentation of their tapes than the other major studios. This movie had a great looking box.

A region one DVD of STRIPPED TO KILL was released by NEW CONCORDE ( OUT-OF-PRINT ).

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