Saturday, June 22, 2013


I love this movie!

It's about a nuclear waste spill that contaminates the water table, and the mayhem that follows.

This movie was written and directed by Ian Barry.

It stars Steve Bisley, Arna-Maria Winchester ( 1949 – 2008 ), Ross Thompson, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Ralph Cotterill, and others.

THE CHAIN REACTION is a great mixture of conspiracy and action.

THE CHAIN REACTION has some ties to MAD MAX... Such as Steve Bisley, Hugh Keays-Byrne, and Mel Gibson!... But, that's not all, George Miller also worked on this movie!


Heinrich - "You must warn the people"

Heinrich - "It can not be contained. If it reaches the water table, it can turn up anywhere"

Eagle - "This graveyard of nuclear waste, could become ours"

Eagle - "Chain reaction of contamination. You know, water, grass, cow, milk.... us"

A legit VHS was released in the United States by EMBASSY HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

CHAIN REACTION was also released on region one DVD by PLATINUM DISC ( aka ECHO BRIDGE ENTERTAINMENT ).

It's part of a four movie collection called 4 ACTION CLASSICS. All four movies are on one single sided disc. The other films are, THE DEATH MERCHANTS, EMBASSY, and DEADLY IMPACT.

This set contains a FULLscreen version of CHAIN REACTION.

A small PLATINUM DISC logo occasionally pops-up ( in the lower right corner of the screen ).

This movie was released in it's native Australia by UMBRELLA ENTERTAINMENT.

Well, it looks like a REAL LIFE VERSION of the CHAIN REACTION is happening here, in the United States.

I found out about this, after watching the CBS EVENING NEWS.

According to a "whistle blower", nuclear waste is leaking into the soil!... This whole thing has been a FIASCO for years!... And at a cost of BILLIONS per year!

Quotes from CBS NEWS ( June 21, 2013 ) - from an interview with Donna Busche.....
"Waste will be leaking into the ground water. It will continue to leak. It's an urgent problem that must be solved."

Quotes from CBS NEWS ( by Carter Evens - June 21, 2013 ).....
"It will take 40 years to treat the waste, and during that time, radiation will make parts of the plant inaccessible to humans"

How many other incidents have occurred that we don't know about?

If it wasn't for a "whistle blower" we probably wouldn't know about this disaster.

Whose bright idea was it, to put this type of dangerous material into GLORIFIED TIN CANS?!


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