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*except for adult titles ( priced as marked )

During the 1990s, those types of sales were common all over the U.S.A.


I remember being in the Bronx or Queens, at a small second-hand shop. The older lady running the place, was selling tons of ex-rental tapes.

There were many Traci Lords titles on the tables. A young woman proceeded to gather them up, but there were far too many movies for her to hold. So she called her girlfriend over to help her.

Between the two of them, they managed to grab all the Traci tapes they could find.

They rushed towards the old lady, paid for them, and got the hell out of there in a hurry.

I told the old lady the tapes were illegal - she didn't know who Traci Lords was - and she was shocked.

In Chicago, there was one place that I went to a lot. If I remember correctly, it was located somewhere on Grand Ave ( a few miles from downtown ).

The guys that worked there, were usually watching porn in front of everyone.

I don't remember how much they charged for used tapes. It couldn't have been too much, because I refused to pay more than five dollars for tapes.

Meanwhile in southern California, video stores were everywhere and anywhere, and so were the bargains.

Most DRIVE-IN movie theaters held SWAP-MEETS on the weekends. Those were my favorite places to buy tapes, and other collectibles.

As for rentals, I never paid more than two dollars a day, I was never late, and I always rewound my tapes.

Currently, I can only find VHS tapes at local GOODWILL stores, SALVATION ARMY stores, some garage sales, and grungy flea markets. I've NEVER paid more than FIVE dollars! Hell, even that's too much!

On rare occasions, I'll find NEW tapes in stores like BIG LOTS, and DOLLAR TREE. Unfortunately, they're usually children's titles.

Sometimes, online stores like HAMILTON BOOK, will have NEW VHS tapes at $3.95 or less.

There are far too many folks paying ridiculous prices for USED tapes.

I've even read about some retards paying thousands of dollars just for one tape!... THAT'S INSANE!

VHS rental commercial made by PARAMOUNT

When I buy a VHS tape, it's because I love the movie, or love the art on the box.

VHS was, and still is, a CRAP format!

VHS tapes are movie memorabilia to me. They're for display only.....

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  1. I have a very small handful of commercial VHS tapes. As you say, movie memorabilia for display only. A crap format, indeed!