Friday, June 14, 2013


Joi Lansing as "queen of candy" ( 1964 New York World's Fair )

When I was a kid, I loved watching Joi Lansing perform.

Ms. Lansing ( 1929 – 1972 ), was an actress and singer.

It didn't matter if she was appearing in one of those horrible old tv shows, or a movie. I planted myself in front of the tv, like a thousand year old sequoia entrenched in forest soil, and nobody could move me from that spot!

BIG FOOT is one of my favorite Joi Lansing movies.

John Carradine ( 1906 – 1988 ), also starred in this film.

BIG FOOT is so deliciously cheesy, it should be sliced up and put into sandwiches!

This movie always puts a big smile on my face, and that's what movies are supposed to do..... make you happy.

It was released on VHS in the United States, but I don't remember the name of the company.

BIG FOOT only appears to be available on grey-market DVDs ( by various companies ).

One of Ms. Lansing's RAREST films is called HOT CARS. This movie is available on MOD-DVD by MGM.

Ms. Lansing even had a part in TOUCH OF EVIL

TOUCH OF EVIL was released on region one DVD several times ( by UNIVERSAL ).

Joi Lansing performing THE SILENCER in one of her music videos.

She also appeared in a BOWERY BOYS movie called HOT SHOTS.

Joi Lansing in HOT SHOTS

Joi appeared on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, and numerous other tv shows. I hated those shows. I preferred watching her in movies.

Joi Lansing performing WEB OF LOVE in a music video.

The WEB OF LOVE music video can be found on the HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND DVD ( by SOMETHING WEIRD ).

UPDATED ON JUNE 19, 2013.....

Well, I'm off to search for a cheap copy of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN ( seasons 5 / 6 - region one DVD - by WARNER BROS ).

Ms. Lansing appears in episode nine ( SUPERMAN'S WIFE ).

Thanks to a commenter for the info!


  1. Saw BIGFOOT at a drive-in, and loved it! Mostly because of Joi, of course. Her appearance on The Adventures of Superman episode "Superman's Wife" ("A beautiful policewoman is asked to pose as Superman's wife in order to help him break up a gang of bank robbers.") was quite memorable.

  2. Thanks!... I had forgotten, that she had appeared on the original version of the SUPERMAN tv show.

    I remember watching those old episodes on tv. When I was a kid, most of my favorite channels were on UHF.

    I searched for a clip of her episode on GOOGLE. Most of the search results were for full episodes on AMAZON... I've never paid to watch anything online, and I not going to start now.

    However, I did end up finding her episode on the DAILYMOTION website.

    I'm going to search for a cheap copy of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN seasons 5 / 6 DVD.

  3. We didn't have UHF channels in my area in the '60s, but once the '70s rolled around, we had plenty so yeah. In the 60s we had a handful of VHF channels; ones in Pittsburgh PA, Wheeling WV, and Steubenville OH gave us a total of 4 fairly clear channels and one very weak one, plus another channel (ch 13) if you counted "educational tv" as they called it back then. So when UHF came along, I remember having to get a new portable TV set and going out to buy a loop antenna, just to get fuzzy reception to watch the one UHF channel in the region.

    I agree with you re: not paying to watch online. Not worth it.

  4. Incidentally, your comment re BIG FOOT:

    "This movie always puts a big smile on my face, and that's what movies are supposed to do..... make you happy."

    That about wraps it up, doesn't it? To hell with movies that are self-consciously "arty" or "relevant"! Pffft on "art films!"

    Dear filmmakers: Just make us HAPPY, dammit!

    And now, back to my Something Weird DVD of HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND (received in today's mail) and the color music video of the always lovely Joi Lansing!!!