Monday, July 22, 2013



A woman named Lianne Spiderbaby, was caught with her hands in the cookie jar. She wrote for FANGORIA, VIDEO WATCHDOG, and I don't know what else.

These are the same types of publications that thumb their noses at bloggers.

Believe it or not, some morally-challenged folks are KISSING HER ASS. They are trying to portray HER as a VICTIM!

Yes, you caught us!... It's a conspiracy... All the men of this world got together and framed her!

Misogyny / misoginia have become two of the most abused words in recent memory.

Men get called misogynists, when they criticize women like her.

There is NO excuse for what she did. ANYONE that defends her has NO ethics.

Recently, I've been called a misogynist. Why?... because I did NOT want to promote a BULLSHIT, self-gratifying, fake-holiday, called WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH.... Get a fucking life!

To all the IDIOTS that still haven't figured it out, this is NOT a horror website!... This blog is about almost all genres of film - plus, tv shows, documentaries, books, magazines, and movie memorabilia.

It's also NOT a review site. I just write about my cinematic memories, my purchases, and anything I like.

I write on this blog, for the LOVE of it.

I do NOT have a narrow view of cinema - or LIFE.

SHAM-goria MAGAZINE, excuse me, I meant to say FANGORIA MAGAZINE, is a miserable waste of paper.

I used to buy FANGORIA on a regular basis. When the original editor left, I stopped purchasing it. It's been going down hill ever since.

They think they're above reproach. Well, I think it's time to flush that literary toilet paper.

FYI: I will NEVER purchase another copy of VIDEO WATCHDOG.

This blog is done for my own enjoyment. Believe it or not, even I have found my shit posted on other websites.

The words on this blog aren't pretty, but at least their mine.

I'm NOT for sale, and I don't have much in this world, but I DO HAVE MY INTEGRITY.

FYI: on a related issue, Tarantino is NOT a genius!... I'm sick of folks in the mass-media praising this guy as some sort of cinematic Einstein!... No one in the media wants to confront his habit of "chronic borrowing".....

Just for the record, THERE IS ONLY ONE DJANGO.... and he's never been chained.....

P.S. - sorry for any grammatical errors, I was really pissed, and had to choose my words carefully.

UPDATED ON JULY 23, 2013.....

If I remember correctly, it wasn't that long ago when FANGORIA was outraged at other websites, and some bloggers. Why?.. Because they were caught STEALING content from the FANGORIA website. Any of you remember that?

Now that THEIR PUBLICATION is responsible, they appear to have gone completely mute.

As far as I know, there has been NO apology... The ARROGANCE of it all.

If she were MALE, and was NOT dating a celebrity, most folks would be calling for her execution!

The HAIRY-KNUCKLE-DRAGGING-FEMALE-NEANDERTHALS ( AKA FEMINISTS ) are still DEFENDING HER, or trying to portray her as a victim!

They call her BULLSHIT BEHAVIOR, a "mistake".... WRONG!.... Delivering a package to the wrong address is a "MISTAKE"!..... STEALING IS DONE ON PURPOSE!

MAN-HATERS only care about the DOUBLE STANDARDS that are in THEIR favor!... THEIR SEXISM is NEVER MENTIONED!

As far as I know, NONE of the publications that she worked for have issued a public apology to the writers, or their customers... Or should I say, soon to be FORMER customers?

I hope she, and the rags she worked for, get SUED... Like I said before, if she had been a man, a blogger, and NOT dating a celebrity, the consequences would be much much harsher!

FYI: she allegedly has a book deal with ST. MARTIN'S PRESS... What a FUCKING TRAVESTY!... I guess they don't care about their credibility.

It feels incredibly WONDERFUL to get this OFF MY CHEST!

Sincerest regards,
one really pissed-off blogger


  1. You ROCK! QT sucks! So does Fango and so do the rest of today's genre film rags! (But I do like Shock Cinema!)

    Keep on keeping on!

  2. Thank you for the positive comments... I don't like to bash because "destroying is easy"... Plus, there's already too much of that on the internet - and life... However, I really needed to vent...

    Yes, SHOCK CINEMA is exceptional!... There aren't many mags about grindhouse / drive-in flicks out there... I hope SHOCK CINEMA continues publishing print editions for a very long time.....

  3. I hear you...we all need to vent now and then! And I'm glad you like Shock Cinema! It's the ONLY magazine I buy, and the only one worth reading since Psychotronic Video went bye-bye.