Friday, April 4, 2014


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Violence is NOT supposed to beautiful. It's also NOT supposed to be sexy. It should repulse you.

Most of the folks that bash this film, admit, they've NEVER SEEN IT!

This movie is about a mentally damaged veteran that murders women.

It's a real movie, with real sex.

FORCED ENTRY was written and directed by Shaun Costello, and stars Harry Reems.

It's NOT erotic, and the women are NOT "dolled-up".

You do NOT feel sorry for the killer, and you do NOT have FUN watching him murder.

That's the EXACT OPPOSITE of the message you'll receive while watching a typical slasher flick.

You SHOULD be sicken by folks that GET-OFF on slasher flicks. Violence is NOT supposed to be a TURN-ON.

Once again, this movie is MEANT to assault your senses!

I owned a bootleg VHS in the early eighties. I don't know if a legit version was ever released.

ALTERNATIVE CINEMA ( AFTER HOURS ) released this movie on region one DVD.


This version was written by Henry Scarpelli ( 1930 – 2010 ), and directed by Jim Sotos.

It stars Tanya Roberts and Ron Max.

Nancy Allen also makes an appearance.

I like this movie, and I make NO apologies for feeling that way.

Contrary to what professional critics say, this is actually a decent movie.

Tanya Roberts, and Ron Max do a great job.

FYI: I hate hearing people call this a "horror" movie, it's a THRILLER.

Screengrabs from the REMAKE ( CODE RED trailer )

I remember owning a VHS tape of this movie, but I do NOT remember the name of the company that released it.

As far as I know, this version has NEVER had a legit region one DVD release.

I've seen plenty of grey-market discs for sale ( usually OVERpriced ). They're usually crap, so do yourself a favor, and stay away from them.

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