Friday, April 18, 2014


Screengrabs of Nancy Allen in a LISTERINE commercial... I don't think blond hair flatters her ( but I still think she looks adorable ).

Ms. Allen's LISTERINE commercial, can be found on disc two of MILL CREEK's 1001 CLASSIC COMMERCIALS DVD ( region one ). It has three single sided discs.

She's one of my favorite actresses.

Ms. Allen also appears in a underrated time-travel flick called THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT. It was released on region one DVD by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT. An out-of-print version was also released by ANCHOR BAY.

How can anyone forget about her in CARRIE ( the original ). It was released on region one DVD by MGM many times.

CARRIE was also released by MGM as part of a triple feature ( with THE RAGE: CARRIE II and CARRIE from 2002 ).

SWEET REVENGE is a rare film. It has NOT had a legit region one DVD release.

DRESSED TO KILL, and BLOW OUT are easy to find on region one disc ( both released by MGM ).

Another VERY RARE Allen film is the R rated remake of FORCED ENTRY ( aka THE LAST VICTIM ). It has NOT been released on region one DVD.

Of course, you can't forget her in ROBOCOP ( the original ). It has been released on region one DVD many times - as a solo disc by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT ( out-of-print ), and also by MGM.

You can also find it as part of a double feature by MGM / SONY ( paired with THE TERMINATOR ).

Also as part of a triple feature by MGM ( with MAD MAX and THE TERMINATOR - this may have been a WALMART exclusive ).

I almost forgot to mention the ROBOCOP TRILOGY set. It was released by MGM. Another version was released by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT.

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