Sunday, April 20, 2014


VOICES OF DESIRE seems to have been completely forgotten.

It's a low-budget supernatural sex thriller, and it's one of my favorite Chuck Vincent films.

The version I watched was SOFTcore. I don't know if a HARDcore version exists.

This movie has some beautiful shots in it, and Sandra Peabody - aka Sandra Cassell - does a great job.

I don't think Chuck Vincent received very much respect during his lifetime, and that's a shame.

I also liked Mr. Vincent's LOVE TRUCK ( aka BLUE SUMMER ). ALTERNATIVE CINEMA released it under the aka of BLUE SUMMER ( in a pressed two disc set ). It's part of a four movie collection called SKIN IN THE 70S.

SEX APPEAL is another hard to find Chuck Vincent film. VESTRON released SEX APPEAL on VHS ( in the United States ). I don't think it was ever released on legit region one DVD. I think LIONSGATE may own the rights to it, but I can NOT confirm this as fact.

You may be able to find SEX APPEAL on grey-market DVD.

As for VOICES OF DESIRE, I don't know if it was ever released on legit VHS, or BETA. I doubt it's ever been released on a region one "pressed disc".

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