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Newspaper ad for MONSTER - from LA OPINION ( Los Angeles California U.S.A. )

I remember watching this movie several times when I was a kid. It aired on some of the southern California TV stations. I don't remember if it was on VHF or UHF.

I think it's a good movie.

Visually, MONSTER reminds me of some German flims from the twenties and thirties. Some of the other scenes have a "noir" feel to them.

Screengrabs are from an online video - Miroslava Sternova ( left ), Jose Maria Linares-Rivas ( right )

A bored female reporter named Nora, meets a man that wears a mask - Hermann Ling.

When he reveals his face, she's shocked. He seems to suffer from the same affliction as Joseph Merrick ( 1862 – 1890 ).

Nora decides to do a story on Ling. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

Screengrabs are from an online video

MONSTER was written by Arduino Maiuri ( 1916 – 1984 ), and Chano Urueta ( 1904 – 1979 ).

The movie was directed by Chano Urueta.

It stars Miroslava Sternova ( 1925 – 1955 ) as Nora, and José María Linares-Rivas ( 1901 – 1955 ) as Hermann Ling.

Why did they spell monstro with a U in it? I've never met anyone that spells it with a U.

This movie has various AKA's.

I don't know if this movie was ever released on legit VHS domestically, but I know there were bootlegs, because I owned one.

MONSTER has been released on region zero DVD by a company called ONE 7 MOVIES ( CAV ).

I do NOT own this disc, so I can't tell you much about it.

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