Saturday, August 30, 2014



I was channel-surfing, when I saw a cute babe on a tv show called CONFESIONES DE UNA DOCTORA, AKA DOCTOR'S DIARY, AKA DIARIO DE UNA DOCTORA.

Apparently, the show is a German / Austrian co-production ( RTL / ORF ).

The lead actress is called Diana Amft, and she's from Germany. She plays a doctor called Gretchen Hasse.

The show seems to be a mixture of drama, comedy, and chick-flick.

Ms. Amft on a talk show

In the United States, CONFESIONES DE UNA DOCTORA airs on VME / PBS ( in dubbed Spanish ). I don't know if there's closed captioning or secondary audio in English ( I've never checked ). My Spanish language skills are not what they used to be, but I still understand almost every word.

It's NOT my kind of show, but... as I said before, I thought Diana Amft was cute, so I watched it.


I have nothing against INTERNET SHOWS. However, they're NOT television shows!

A TELEVISION show airs on a free channel, or cable channel, or satellite channel, and is VIEWED ON your TELEVISION.... That's why they're called TELEVISION shows!

A WEB-SERIES is made to be viewed on a website! A WEBSITE is NOT a television channel!

In order for it to be called a TV show, IT MUST ACTUALLY AIR ON TELEVISION!... Understand?!

I'm really sick of seeing INTERNET only shows being listed as TV shows on the IMDB!... It's fraudulent!... enough already!


One of my friends did some "adult" modeling in the late eighties and early nineties. She was NOT prolific, and she only posed solo. That's all she told me about her extremely short "adult" career. She's a wiz with computers and surveillance equipment, and has recently moved back to the west coast ( and that's all I can say ).

So why am I mentioning her?... Because a few weeks ago, she gave me a homemade DVD-R.

That disc contained one short "adult" film, and some talk show segments. The "adult" flick did NOT have a title, or any credits. So I don't know the name of the sandy blonde in the pink dress ( she reminds me of Emily VanCamp ).... FYI: The disc no longer works.

Yes, I've CENSORED all the screengrabs

The video is watermarked in the lower right corner ( Brandi Belle ). I have NO intention of visiting that website.

During the early days of the internet, most folks found out the hard way, that a lot of websties were just fronts for viruses, or they would redirect you to another website, or bombard you with countless pop-up ads.

The "adult" segment on this disc is basically a glorified "loop".

"Loops" became very popular during the seventies in small theaters, and on 8MM reels that you could watch at home.

Anyway, I searched some online retailers for videos using the name Brandi Belle, and found a few. The DVD with the sandy blonde is called "Brandi Belle 12". The sandy blonde's name was NOT listed on any of the websites I visited.

Just for the record, I'm NOT going to spend close to twenty dollars - plus shipping - for this. I just wanted to know her name. Plus, I can get a bunch of REAL movies with the same amount of cash.

If you've been to this blog before, then you probably know how much I hate most adult cinema made after 1985. In fact, most of those videos, have NO right to be called movies.

In my opinion, the sandy blonde in the pink dress stands out from the rest of the crowd. She's got a great attitude, charisma, and she's extremely cute.

So, does anyone out there know her name?... Do you know if she's done "mainstream" work?

With her personality and looks, she should be doing TV commercials and print ads, not this stuff.


I was really looking forward to this documentary, but the folks that made it seem to have vanished off the face of the eath.

Their official website is gone, and their official YOUTUBE channel hasn't been updated since 2010!

I can't even find a page for MASTERS OF THE GRIND on the IMDB.

Anyone out there know what happened?

Are the filmmakers ok?

Is the film going to be released?


It's report card time for the "free" movie channels.


GET TV also gets an A-

THIS TV gets a D+

I've really been enjoying MOVIES TV and GET TV. As for THIS TV, I've tuned in occasionally, but it only seems to have become worse.


Since it's introduction, companies have been trying to shove BLU-RAY discs down every consumers' throat. And yet, DVDs still DOMINATE the market!

During any given week, DVDs usually hold seventy percent of the market, vs thirty percent for BLU.

HOME MEDIA MAGAZINE WEBSITE ( for info on DVD and BLU sales )

The only BLU-RAY discs that seem to be a hit, are the extremely limited run "niche" titles, and a few of the major studio titles. That's NOT something to brag about!

In case you haven't noticed, a lot of stores have shrunk their home video sections ( that includes BLU-RAYs ).

For me, BLU-RAYs are the LASERDISCs of the 21st century. Yes, they're higher quality, and much more popular than LASERDISCs, but they're still primarily aimed at true "videophiles", and the "hipster-doofus" crowd.

Even stores like DOLLAR TREE, have a harder time selling BLU-RAYs than the run-of-the-mill DVDs.

DVDs are the LAST HARD COPIES of movies that I will ever purchase... That's it, I'm done!


"where popular DVDs regularly sold over 6-10 million US copies a year - and still do - only four Blu-ray's (Avatar, Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Despicable Me 2) have broken the 3 million US sales in a calendar year"

FYI: Did you know that Sony and Panasonic are allegedly working on another NEW FORMAT, that will REPLACE BLU-RAY?

It took far too long for companies to release most of the flicks I wanted on DVD, so there's NO fucking way I'm going to go through that again. Especially when there's NOTHING wrong with the DVDs I'm using now!

Some folks still don't understand, most movies and tv shows will NEVER be released on BLU-RAY. As for rare titles, unless the BLU-RAY equivalent of DVD-Rs become popular, it ain't gonna happen!

If all the major companies stopped producing DVDs, I still would NOT buy BLU-RAYs!

Even the market for used DVDs is far bigger than for new BLU-RAYs. DVDs are NOT going to disappear anytime soon.

In my opinion, DVD-Rs will most likely replace "pressed" discs - look at the success of WARNER ARCHIVE, SOMETHING WEIRD, and countless others.

One last thing, some folks think that used VHS sales are big, they're NOT! It's a "niche" product. I would wager, that at least half the folks that purchase VHS tapes are the jump-on-the-bandwagon type of individuals.

Those folks will eventually get bored and move on to the next fad.....


  1. Agreed re: web shows. Anybody with reasonable skills, a decent camcorder and editing software, and friends with passable acting chops can make a web show, and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo. In essence, you can make a web show for free. Trying making a free tv series or feature film for cable tv or DVD. It can't be done and look like anything. Then again, most web series look like crap, too. Computers and digital video have made everyone and his brother (and pet ferret) a "filmmaker" for the web. Modern digital filmmaking is both a blessing and a curse. Mostly, a curse. Just try watching the crap on YouTube. Suddenly, everyone's a director or movie mogul. This is a tangible and pungent manifestation of the infamous reality of Sturgeon's Law. Yecch!

  2. Jessi Stone is the mystery blond

  3. Thanks for the info on the "mystery blond"!