Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I should have posted this shit a long time ago.

When I found out about a man named John Harrison, and his upcoming book about Rene Bond, I wrongly assumed this info was common knowledge. Well, apparently it's not.

I don't know when, or if, Mr. Harrison's book will be published. Nothing new has been posted about his book since January 23, 2013.

Link to John Harrison's blog is below.....


Anyway, below is a very short piece announcing Rene Bond's engagement to a man named Ray Acebo ( June 18, 1968 ).....

Below is a short article mentioning Ray Acebo ( in photo - June 9, 1968 ).....

I also thought GOOGLE NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE was well known. But it's not.

There are a bunch of websites charging money for this shit!

The pros and cons of GOOGLE NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE.... The pros are, it's FREE!. At least half of the newspapers I've looked at over the years have been decent quality, and some have even been excellent.

The ONLY cons about GOOGLE NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE, is that some newspapers are incomplete, some are blurry, and some are unreadable. BUT IT'S FREE, DAMN IT!

Don't forget your local library!

Mini rant... Far too many people still don't "get it".... Just because something is in print does NOT make it true or accurate. Plus, things that do NOT get reported, can be just as important.

Almost everything should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt!

These days it's FAR worse. The internet is overflowing with misinformation, and outright LIES.

Most news outlets - newspapers, tv, radio - were and still are biased!... They're a reflection of the person, or persons, in charge.

WIKIPEDIA is a FUCKING JOKE!... I can NOT believe the amount of people that consider it an accurate source of information!

As you look through the online versions of these newspapers, think about everything that was going on. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, Robert F. Kennedy had also been murdered, and most of the "news" about Vietnam had a "positive" spin that reeked of propaganda... See links below...

June 18, 1968 ( page 10 )

June 9, 1968 ( page 14 )


  1. With regards to John Harrison's book, I haven't asked him, but I gather he isn't pursuing it. He deleted the Facebook page for it, and had an article on Rene with the identical title published in a recent magazine called "Pink Factory."


    I created the current Facebook page to fill the void left by Mr. Harrison's page. I recently published this first clipping, but surmised that the marriage never took place since there was no record of it. I reached out to a friend of Rene with it (who does not seem interested in being interviewed) and she confirmed that it happened.

    I had not seen the second clipping, but it may be doubly important because Rene's mother's maiden name was "Small." Judy Small might be a cousin.

    A recent search of Google Newspaper Archives for "Rene Bond" yielded a few ads, but not much else. I presume both clippings are from the Oxnard Press-Courier, and the site doesn't have any editions available for 1960-1992. I guess they have been removed for some reason.

    I had never intended on remaining a member of the newspaper site, but I figured a small investment would be worth it. It was, but the headache it created in prying myself from their billing has broken me of trying that route again. Hopefully, we can continue to piece together Rene's life as we go.

    Thanks for the new info. You have one of the more consistent sources of Rene postings!

  2. Thanks for the comments...

    I hope it's not legal reasons that have kept him from publishing the book. Or maybe it would open old wounds for some of her family members ( if she has any ). It would be a crime to let all that work go to waste.

    If he does not want to publish the entire book, maybe he can be persuaded to publish a multi-part article in a magazine like SHOCK CINEMA?... Or work with the folks from the RIALTO REPORT PODCAST.

    Years ago, I had some old automotive and music magazines, and I think there may have been one or two adverts or articles with her in them.
    But I can't be certain, and I don't remember what the ads or articles were about, it's been a very long time since I last saw those mags - most likely gone for good.

    FYI: That school has a dark past, and that town was a HELLHOLE.

    1. You're very welcome!

      I genuinely don't know his reasons, or what kind of information he managed to gather. The article in "Pink Factory" is fine, but not especially lengthy. I don't believe any legal hassles are involved, as Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer and I have been working to piece together discoveries we've made. We're both in touch with the Rialto Report too, so rest assured that we're trying to get as much out as possible.

      One major error that crept into my previous comment due to the late hour was the omission of a key word. To be clear: Rene Bond and Ray Acebo were never married. Rene was married three times, and none of her husbands was Acebo (or Ric Lutze, for that matter).

      Ha, I believe it. I follow the blog of a resident of Oxnard for unrelated reasons, and there are colorful stories.

  3. FINALLY!...

    I've tried posting my reply THREE TIMES!

    I don't know what's been going on with the internet lately, maybe it's just in my part of the country?.... Anybody else keep geting blank pages?

    I've been told something about DNS, but I don't know what the fuck that is.....