Sunday, October 7, 2012


I liked watching Andrea True.

I also loved hearing her sing. Most folks are only familiar with her "disco" tunes.

They don't know, that she also performed some punk / new wave songs. I really liked WAR MACHINE.

I don't think WAR MACHINE had a legit release in the United States.

I'm almost certain, she co-starred with Harry Reems in more than a few movies ( such as DIFFERENT STROKES AKA OVER SEXPOSURE ).

Just for the record, Harry Reems was the only X-rated star that could make me laugh. He was actually funny!

She supposedly appeared as an extra, in 40 CARATS and THE WAY WE WERE.

I felt a genuine sadness, when I heard about Ms. True's passing. I hope she's at peace.....

QUOTES below are from the NEW YORK TIMES ( By Paul Vitello - November 24, 2011 )

"Andrea True, Singer of Disco Hit, Dies at 68"

"Andrea Truden arrived in New York from Nashville in 1968 with a yearning for stardom and no fixed idea about how to achieve it. She landed bit parts in a slew of movies, including “The Way We Were.” She sang in nightclubs, wrote music for television commercials and, for a while, found steady work as an actress in the city’s burgeoning pornographic film industry"

"Her death was confirmed by a longtime friend, Louise Marsello, who said the cause was heart failure. No immediate family members survive"

"Ms. Marsello, who met Ms. True in the early 1970s, said of her: “She was a free spirit, but driven, too. She never stopped wanting to make it”

"The song produced royalties for Ms. True throughout her life, most recently as the soundtrack for a TV commercial for Honey Bunches of Oats cereal"

QUOTES below are from the BBC ( 27 November 2011 )

"Andrea True, who sang More More More, dies aged 68"

"The singer began her career as an actress in pornographic films, shortening her name from Andrea Truden for the sake of her family"

"Speaking to the Los Angeles Times in 1976, she stressed that she would not return to her former career in adult films - having previously made more than 40 titles, including Deep Throat II"

"I would be a waitress or a typist before I'd star in another," she told the newspaper"

"True died on 7 November in a New York hospital"

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