Monday, April 6, 2015


It appears that MOVIESTOP was sold to a chain called HASTINGS in November 2014.

I found out about this after visiting the MOVIESTOP website, and discovering that it had been replaced by the HASTINGS webpage.

Just for the record, I've never seen any HASTINGS stores in my area.

I asked one of the workers at my neighborhood store, if the MOVIESTOP brand is going to be replaced by HASTINGS, but she didn't know.

The inside of my local MOVIESTOP has continued to change.

They've added overpriced action figures and comic related crap. When I say OVERPRICED, I mean it.

Here's an example... They had some ALIEN figures by REACTION / FUNKO for approximately DOUBLE the price that BARNES & NOBLE sells them for. I had NO problem pointing that out to several of the customers. All they have to do, is walk a few hundred feet to the BARNES & NOBLE that's in the same shopping center.

HASTINGS also sells books, and that does interest me. However, their book prices seem just as screwy as their DVD prices.

Here's an example... They're charging almost $20.00 for USED copies of THE AMERICAN DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATRE ( ISBN - 9780785829751 ). I purchased this same title for $9.95 from HAMILTON BOOK, and my copy was NEW!

After checking out the DVD prices on the HASTINGS website, I can say they're all over the map.

They've got TWO types of USED discs!... That's so fucking stupid!

They call the consumer owned discs USED, and they call the ex-rentals PREVIOUSLY VIEWED. It's the SAME SHIT!... THEY'RE BOTH USED!

It's the equivalent of describing the town hookers as PREVIOUSLY FUCKED, and the town sluts as PREVIOUSLY ROMANCED!

Here's another example of their screwy pricing... They've got some of those older MILL CREEK 50 movie packs - in CARDBOARD BOXES - listed at INSANE PRICES!

As I've said before, I only shop at MOVIESTOP when I want to find a rare, or out-of-print title, at a CHEAP price.

FYI - In the past, MOVIESTOP gave away FREE crap, like magazines, posters, and many other promotional items. I love it, when stores do things like that.

Thankfully, there's a DOLLAR TREE in the same shopping center... Where else can you get NEW DVDs, BLU-RAYs, HARDcover books, TRADE paperbacks, MASS-MARKET paperbacks, and countless other cool crap, for ONE FUCKING DOLLAR each?!

Oh well, so long MOVIESTOP.....

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