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Newspaper ad from 1978 ( New York City )

QUOTES FROM AD - "Carol Connors live in person - July 19, 20, 21".... "Live in person", as opposed to what?... Dead in person? Did anyone out there attend this event and take photos?

QUOTES FROM AD - "Live in person, PLAYBOY's big 10 girl and director of CANDY, Gail Palmer, July 19, 20, 21"... Once again, I'm asking, did anybody out there attend, and take pictures of Carol and Gail?

Screengrabs of Carol Connors ... from the EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY trailer ( VINEGAR SYNDROME version )

Screengrab of Carol Connors ... from a FULLscreen online video of the EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY

The CANDY series of films were some of my favorite adult flicks when I was young.

Article about Carol Connors - From February 14, 1978

Writing and directing credits are given to Gail Palmer ( some folks dispute that claim ).

Carol Connors is the star attraction.

John Leslie ( 1945 - 2010 ), Georgina Spelvin, John Holmes ( 1944 – 1988 ), and other familiar faces also make appearances.

Article about Gail Palmer - From October 4, 1978

Quotes from the above article.....

"A native of Lansing, Mich., where she is the most notorious woman in town, Gail is the black sheep of her Roman Catholic family which agonizes over gail's chosen profession"

"I saw many poorly made sex movies I decided anyone could turn them out and that I could do a lot better by using common scense"

"Sometimes I get stimulated sexually while I'm directing"

Screengrab of Gail Palmer... from the EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY trailer ( VINEGAR SYNDROME version )

THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY was released on VHS. I had a legit tape, but I can't remember which company released it.

As for region one DVD... It's been released on both pressed, and grey-market DVD-R, many times, and by many different companies. The latest version has been released by VINEGAR SYNDROME ( on pressed disc ).

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