Sunday, April 26, 2015


Above are screengrabs of a performer using the name Natalie Heart. It's from a short film. I think it's called CASTING COUCH X, but I'm NOT sure. It should be called PURE CRAP, and that, I am sure of!... Look at those amazing eyes. There seems to be a lot going on behind them, and I don't want to speculate as to what those things are. Look at her face, there's nothing typical about it, or her personality.

The only good part of CASTING COUCH X, is the interview with Ms. Heart. The rest is just sex, for the sake of having sex. It's incredibly sterile and unerotic. Plus, she seems hesitant, and does NOT look happy, especially during the end.

Just looking at someone, isn't going to tell you what they've been through, or what they're currently going through.

We all have the right to express our opinions, and I'm going to express mine... She doesn't seem to belong in the adult video world. Sometimes you'll find a piece of a puzzle that doesn't quite fit in, and the only way you're going to make it fit, is by damaging it. Well, that's what I thought of, when I saw her in that short film. Does that make sense?

Just for the record, most folks don't realize that the so-called "mainstream" studio system chews-up and destroys, far more people in one month, than the adult industry does in a year... And that's the truth. Just compare the amount of suicides and "train wrecks" in the "mainstream" system, to the self inflicted deaths and ruined lives in the adult industry.

Front and rear covers for the COLLEGE RULES 14 DVD... It's NOT a movie, it's a collection of glorified loops, and Natalie Heart is in one of the segments... I do NOT own a copy, so I can't give you any details about the disc.


I found out about Ms. Heart, after getting into an argument about adult films with some film school students. Before things deteriorated, they showed me a video from a DVD called COLLEGE RULES 14.

The segment had NO story! It was just a bunch of cute coeds performing sex acts.

I spotted her immediately, and unlike the CASTING COUCH video, Ms. Heart looked like she was having a genuinely good time.

She truly stands out, in a good way.

I asked the ASS-CLOWNS who the cute brunette was, and one of them told me her name.

About a week later, I was told I could find free videos and photos of her at several websites. Just for the record, I'm NOT going to post links to any of those websites.

One is called FREEONES, there do NOT appear to be any POP-UP ads at this website. This is were I saw the CASTING COUCH video.

The other website is called X VIDEOS.... WARNING!... That website DOES have POP-UP ads. Some of those ads have VIRUSES!... AVOID that website!

Plus, there seems to be questionable material there! Please, do yourself a favor, and avoid that website like the plague!

I managed to see a few videos of Natalie before I fled that website.

FYI - The laptop those ASS-CLOWNS used, had really sharp picture quality ( don't know what brand it was, but I was impressed ).


I'm NOT fond of adult films made after 1985. Things really seemed to go downhill during that decade. Sure, there were exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking that part of cinema was dead to me.

Even many of the old crappy loops were far better written and shot, than most of the CINEMATIC-CRAP, that mascarades as full length adult movies these days.

From the thirties to the early eighties, and from SOFTcore to HARDcore, the one thing most of those films had in common, were stories!

The majority of those flicks actually had a script, and most of the folks in front of the camera were serious about acting ( even when they didn't have much talent ).

The writers, directors, and everyone else behind the camera, knew what they were doing. Many of them were simultaneously working for the mainstream movie studios ( or tv networks ).

Plus, most of the individuals in front of the camera were genuine social rebels, even if they didn't realize it at the time.

How many FRAT-BOY FILMMAKERS, current adult performers, and current film production companies, can legitimately brag about that?!


Most of my arguments with FRAT-BOY FILMMAKERS have occurred at pop-culture conventions, free film festivals, and other free events.

I know it's ridiculous, but in my defense, I was the one that was verbally attacked, and I had a right to defend myself.

I still don't understand why so many of these FRAT-BOY FILMMAKERS want my opinion. Is there a neon sign on my forehead saying ASK ME QUESTIONS?!... There are tons of other people at these events, so why bother me?

The "gentlemen" that introduced me to Natalie, all thought they were movie experts. They didn't even know who Samuel Fuller, Dalton Trumbo, Doris Wishman, or Barbara Stanwyck were. And yet, people like that, think they know it all!

They repeatedly asked for my opinion, and I gave it. Every time they didn't like my answer, they proceeded to get angry. This type of incident has happened to me once too often.

I'll say it again, most of the current crop of adult films, are nothing more than so-called "reality" tv shows, but with real sex.

Well, I've rambled on long enough.....

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  1. You speak the TRUTH, my friend! I know what you mean, as I've been through that with the know-it-all frat-boy-filmmakers myself. I don't know how many times I've had to explain the influence of Roger Corman, describe the career of Bette Davis, or the importance of Ida Lupino. It seems that most of today's film school kids and YouTube video-makers think the whole world of cinema began with the emergence of Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino.