Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Above is the book cover for THE PSYCHEDELIC ROCK ART OF CARL LUNDGREN ( ISBN - 9781613450772 ) - photo source AMAZON



I used to draw, paint, sculpt, make paper-mache figures, and other things... I lost that ability a while ago. However, I still love art, photography, and writing.

I know art-critic-snobs prefer pretentious bullshit made by media hungry members of the FLAVOR-OF-THE-MONTH-CLUB. However, I prefer artists, that had their work showcased on and inside, books, magazines, brochures, model kit boxes, underground comics, product packages, and countless other things.

Above are three issues of SEX TO SEXTY - photo source AMAZON


Just for the record, I've NEVER been a comic book fan, but I was still influenced by them.

During the early seventies I discovered old issues of EC comics, and many underground publications ( many of those issues are worth quite a bit now ).

Most of the hippies, and social misfits in my area would give me underground comics, men's adventure mags, sleazy paperback novels, and sleazy tabloids.

Years later, I would also find these types of publications at swap-meets ( held at local drive-in theaters ).

Anyway, most of those comics - such as SEX TO SEXTY - were targeted towards ADULTS, and that's why they appealed to me.

Anybody out there remember CARtoons magazine?... Or HEAVY METAL magazine?

Above are book covers for NORMAN SAUNDERS ( ISBN - 9780982004104 ), and MARS ATTACKS 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION ( ISBN - 9781419704093 ).

I never liked, or could relate, to all those superhero characters. I found them incredibly stupid. How can I NOT laugh at a man dressed in bright colored tights?

Above are book covers for THE COMPLETE PEANUTS 1969 - 1970 ( top... ISBN - 9781560978275 ), and SECRET IDENTITY: THE FETISH ART OF SUPERMAN'S CO-CREATOR JOE SHUSTER ( bottom... ISBN - 978-0810996342 )

Charles Shulz was another major influence. The man put more heart and soul into his comic strip than most writers and directors put into their live-action movies and tv shows!

In addition, I loved watching all those Charlie Brown specials on television.

I also have fond memories of all the PEANUTS mass-market paperbacks that were published during the seventies. I used to own a bunch of them.

Almost forgot to mention the art on non-sports trading cards. They were another great memory.

I loved, ODD RODS. I think there was a legal battle over the copyright, but I'm not sure. Regardless, B. K. Taylor is the only person with a moral right to claim that artwork. More ESQUIRE style shenanigans?.....

Newspaper clippings from 1946 - regarding Alberto Vargas and his fight against ESQUIRE magazine. When I think about the way Alberto Vargas was treated, it makes my blood boil!.

I also loved WACKY PACKAGES. That series of cards, had some of the most creative artwork I saw as a kid. I thought they were fantastic.

These days, I look forward to new material from artists like Glen Orbik. I especially love the art he's done for book covers.

Above are the book covers for INNOCENCE & SEDUCTION ART OF DAN DECARLO ( ISBN - 9781560977100 ), THE ART OF ERIC STANTON: FOR THE MAN WHO KNOWS HIS PLACE ( ISBN - 9783836539302 ), and THE PIN-UP ART OF BILL WARD ( ISBN - 9781560977872 )


I've compiled some short lists of my favorite artists. Did I forget anyone?... Yes, and I'm sure I'll remember their names long after I'm done posting this.

Carefully look over the names below, and maybe you'll discover someone you never knew about... The artists are listed in kinda-sorta alphabetical order...

Arthur Suydam

Bernie Wrightson

Bill Campbell

Bill Ward

B. K. Taylor

Bob Waldmire

Bruce Minney

Carl Lundgren

Charles Schulz

Chris Achilleos

Chris Turner

Dan DeCarlo

Dave Deal

Dave Stevens

Ed Roth

Eric Stanton

Frank Frazetta

Fred Harman

Glen Orbik

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt

Gregory Manchess

James Bama

Jay Lynch

Jim Warren

Joe Jusko

Joe Shuster

John Berkey

John Harris

June Tarpe Mills

Ken Laager

Luis Royo

Michael Koelsch

Michael Whelan

Mort Kunstler

Norman Sauders

Paul Rader

Rafael Desoto

Ricky Mujica

Robert Maguire

Ron Lesser

Vincent Di Fate

Wallace Wood

Walter Baumhofer


  1. I like a lot of these guys, but make mine Ditko! ;)

    (Seriously, I prefer his non-superhero, sci-fi and horror tales, whether Marvel or Charlton or whatever...they're like little Twilight Zone episodes!)

  2. I knew I was going to forget a lot of folks, and Steve Ditko is one of them.....

  3. Oh, I wasn't implying that you left anyone out, I agree with all of the names you listed and more! Do you remember Jeff Jones and Vaughn Bode? Wow, what a trippy couple of characters they were! Met them both in 72, along with the more..."normal" Russ Heath, at a convention in Detroit. It's just that Ditko has become my favorite by way of his being slammed by so many younger modern comic book fans. I always went for the very "indie" Charlton comics especially. And the late great Pat Boyette who made a few funky b-films as well as working on comics. His late-show cheapo indie film DUNGEON OF HARROW was finally made available in a NICE print by Vinegar Syndrome a while back, but it still requires lots of caffeine and two toothpicks to endure for 86 minutes! lol

  4. Thanks for the comments...

    I don't remember Jeff Jones and Vaughn Bode, but I'm sure I must have seen their work.

    There are many folks I should have put on the lists.

    Most of them, bring back some of my better youthful memories.

    Plus, many artists did more than just paint - movies, tv, animation, you name it.....