Monday, April 20, 2015


Above is the cover for the May 2015 issue of SWANK magazine ( photo source AMAZON )

The last time I saw a print edition of SWANK and it's sibling publications was in the late nineties.

Apparently, it's still being published. Some - or all - of the issues include a DVD. I can NOT confirm the content of those discs, but it's safe to say, it's NOT family friendly... ha-ha-ha.

From what I've read, the original version of SWANK was more like ESQUIRE and GQ, than the PENTHOUSE type of rag it eventually turned into. I've never seen any issues of the original SWANK, so I can NOT confirm this as fact.

FYI - A lot of low budget / micro budget "actresses" appeared in SWANK publications ( and SWANK's competitors ).

They all performed sex acts in photo shoots ( with others and solo ). In fact, some of them even performed in pornographic videos. And yet, most of these same "actresses" thumb their nose at adult stars.

They think they're better than the adult performers - in regards to talent and "morals".

Some of them think they didn't do "porno" because their photo shoot or video, did not involve vaginal penetration by a man. Truly absurd, they're in some serious denial. Let me point out the obvious, they're colossal hypocrites and delusional hacks.

Many adult actresses in the sixties, seventies, and early eighties, had theatrical backgrounds. A lot of them also did "mainstream" work, before and during their adult careers.

LEG ACTION, LEG SEX, and LEG TEASE, were all supposedly part of the same company that published SWANK. - I can NOT confirm this as fact.

Just for the record, A LOT of those classic era adult stars could actually ACT! You can NOT legitimately say the same for most of the low budget / micro budget bimbos.

I'm almost positive there is a direct connection between SWANK and MARVEL COMICS, but I can't remember what that connection is.

Some of my former friends used to call SWANK, skank magazine. Fair enough, but if they thought it was beneath them, why did they continually purchase it?... I think we all know the answer to that question.

FYI - Their wives and girlfriends were real cranky bitches ( that may have been their main reason for purchasing SWANK ).

Front and back covers of BEAVER STREET - a book by Robert Rosen

On a related note, Robert Rosen worked for SWANK. That publication is listed in the table of contents of his book BEAVER STREET: A HISTORY OF MODERN PORNOGRAPHY ( ISBN - 9781900486767 ). See link below.....



  1. Swank and Marvel were published by the same company, Martin Goodman's Magazine Management. A long, long time ago. You can read all about it in Beaver Street.

  2. Hello Mr. Rosen,

    Thanks for posting that info, I really do want to get the book, but bills keep getting in the way... ha-ha-ha...