Friday, October 9, 2015


Newspaper ad for CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL! ( from Youngstown OH U.S.A. - 1966 )

Here's the story, Judith Adams goes to New York city to seek her fame and fortune as a model and actress. Unfortunately for her, life slaps her in the face, repeatedly ( I think most of us are familiar with that feeling ). Things go from bad to worse. That's all there is to the story.

The nudity is tame and violence is lame. These days, you can see more explicit nudity and blood and guts on the "free" tv channels.

Screengrabs of Judy Adler in CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL!

Anyway, super-cute Judy Adler plays the main character. You also have appearances by June Roberts, Dawn Bennett, and other familiar faces.


This is a Barry Mahon film, and that's a plus in my book.

The movie contains some nice shots of New York during the sixties.

In my opinion, Judy Adler alone is worth the price of admission. What happened to her?.....

Screengrabs of June Roberts in CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL!

Screengrabs of Dawn Bennett - on the right side ( top ), and on the the left side ( bottom )... from CONFESSIONS OF A BAD GIRL!

I don't know if this movie was ever released on VHS.

There's NO pressed DVD that I know of. As I write this, it's only available via DVD-R, and that's a shame.

You may be able to find it ONLINE.

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