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PLAYBOY 1953 - 2015.... R.I.P.....

NO more nudity in PLAYBOY magazine.

This magazine is DEAD to me.... Actually, PLAYBOY started dying a slow death during the nineties.

I think it was the early nineties when they published photos of a TRANNIE called Tula. Plus, if I remember correctly, the BARBI TWINS were also in that issue, remember them?... I thought they were HIDEOUS! Anyway, that was enough for me! I never purchased another issue after that.

When I buy a nudie mag that's AIMED at "straight" men, I expect ALL the nude bodies to be FEMALE!... And NO, I'm NOT anti gay, and I also don't care if someone chooses to be a trannie. I just do NOT like being ambushed!

The magazine's sensationalism - and tackiness - kept rising after that. Plus, far too many alleged "celebrities" were being featured.

PLAYBOY just kept going DOWNHILL. I have the same feelings about Hugh Hefner, with the passing years, he just seemed to get creepier, and creepier - know what I mean?

In recent years, they STOPPED publishing 12 issues per year ( apparently, they make far more money from licensing / merchandising ).

When I was young, the MAN-HATERS always called PLAYBOY a PORN rag. PLAYBOY was a TAME nudie mag with actual articles and fiction in it... It was NEVER a PORN rag!

There were NEVER any sex acts in the original PLAYBOY ( real or simulated ).

There's a HUGE difference between the original PLAYBOY of the fifties through the eighties, and what came after.

The original had beautiful photography and incredibly clever and wonderful covers ( suitable for framing ).

Plus, the PLAYMATES of the past were the real deal, NO artificial flavors or fillers - if you know what I mean.

SKANKS started to infect the magazine sometime during the nineties, and it was never the same after that.

Above are the front and back covers for 50 YEARS OF THE PLAYBOY BUNNY ( HARDcover - ISBN 9780811872263 ). It's published by CHRONICLE. I paid $3.95 for this beautiful HARDcover book!... FYI - It was brand new!

PLAYBOY CLUBS are another fond memory, too bad they all vanished.

Just for the record, BUNNYs were NOT the same as PLAYMATES. And yes, SOME bunnys did become PLAYMATES.

Above are pages 45 and 56 from 50 YEARS OF THE PLAYBOY BUNNY... Joey Thorpe is the woman on both pages.

I liked the clubs more than the magazine. I would love to get my hands on some genuine club memorabilia.

Another icon bites-the-dust... rest-in-peace PLAYBOY.....

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  1. I was more of a Penthouse man. Fell in love with the August 1976 pet!