Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Newspaper ad for ROAD MOVIE.... from February 7, 1974 ( New York )

This is a RARE film, and I've only seen it a few times. In my opinion, it still packs a powerful punch.

The main characters are two long haul truckers, Hank ( Barry Bostwick ), and Gil ( Robert Drivas ). Plus, a smart and resourceful - but destructive - prostitute, named Janice ( Regina Baff ).

Almost every person in this movie is lost and damaged in some way.

Times are bad, and just when things seem to be getting better, they only get worse.

Screengrabs showing Regina Baff, Barry Bostwick, and Robert Drivas in ROAD MOVIE

These are three-dimensional characters. One minute I like them, the next I don't, and those feelings continue throughout the entire film.

There are times, when this movie feels like a play ( I mean that in a GOOD way ).

Screengrabs from ROAD MOVIE

I love the camera work in ROAD MOVIE. Even the ugly things look good ( know what I mean? ).

This movie reminds me, that most of us are screwed in a bad way, and there isn't much we can do about it.... Except, sometimes we can hurt the bastards and bitches that are hurting us....

Screengrab showing Beti Seay in ROAD MOVIE

ROAD MOVIE was written by Judith Rascoe and Joseph Strick. It was also directed by Joseph Strick.

It stars..... Barry Bostwick, Robert Drivas, and Regina Baff.

You'll also see Beti Seay - she starred in a rare exploitation flick called THE LOVE STATUE.

Eileen Dietz, Martin Kove, and Joe Pantoliano also appear.

I'm almost positive it was released on VHS, but I can't remember which company sold it.

I think IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT released it on region one DVD.

You may also find it ONLINE.


  1. Saw another "road movie" last summer that I really wanted to like, but had major mixed feelings about. A flick called NATURAL SELECTION (2011) with Rachael Harris. It won several awards at "film festivals," but IMHO, those are elitist affairs and full of sh*t. Anyway, would be curious about your take on it.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I'd never heard of NATURAL SELECTION until you posted about it. I watched the trailer on the IMDB, and I have to admit, it looks really interesting. One thing is for certain, Rachael Harris is good at what she does.

    Plus, I wouldn't mind taking a road trip with Ms. Harris.

  3. BTW, I found and ordered a used DVD of ROAD MOVIE. Looking forward to it! As for NATURAL SELECTION, yeah, that trailer sure drew me in, but the movie was to me more annoying than entertaining, but I'll give it another spin.

    As they always say, YMMV.