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Screengrab of Grace Lee Whitney in STAR TREK ( episode CHARLIE X )

I'm NOT a STAR TREK fan... Yes, I watched many episodes when I was young, and I even liked some of them. But, I was never obsessed by the program.

Anyway, I was really saddened to learn of Grace Whitney's passing ( 1930 - 2015 ).

Screengrabs of Grace Lee Whitney in BEWITCHED ( episode IT SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO A DOG )

Ms. Whitney was one of the main reasons I watched STAR TREK. She could act, AND she was attractive too! She played a character called Janice Rand.

Her STAR TREK episode called CHARLIE X, was the first time I saw her.

Screengrab of Grace Lee Whitney in THE OUTER LIMITS ( episode CONTROLLED EXPERIMENT )

She played a lot of different types of characters during her acting career, and also sang.

Some of her television credits include...

MIKE HAMMER ( A Detective Tail - 1958 )

MICHAEL SHAYNE ( various episodes - 1961 )

MANNIX ( Another Final Exit - 1968 )

DEATH VALLEY DAYS ( various episodes )

GUNSMOKE ( Reprisal 1962 )

THE UNTOUCHABLES ( various episodes )

77 SUNSET STRIP ( various episodes )

BEWITCHED ( It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog - 1964 )

THE OUTER LIMITS ( Controlled Experiment - 1964 )

BATMAN ( various episodes )

Above is a lobby card from IRMA LA DOUCE showing Grace Lee Whitney with her boot on Jack lemmon ( top )... And a screengrab from IRMA LA DOUCE showing Ms. Whitney chatting with Jack Lemmon ( bottom )

Some of her theatrical film credits include...




She wrote a book. See details below...

TITLE - The Longest Trek: My Tour of the Galaxy
WRITTEN BY - Grace Lee Whitney
COMPANY - Quill Driver Books / Word Dancer Press
ISBN-13: 9781884956034
SOFT and HARDcover editions were published.

I've been told, she also performed on Broadway. She was a multitalented person, and I would have liked to have met her.

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