Thursday, October 1, 2015


Newspaper ad for THE UNEARTHLY ( from July 18, 1957 - Spartanburg SC U.S.A. )

THE UNEARTHLY is one of my many childhood favorites. Some parts are unintentionally funny, but that just makes me like it even more.

This movie was written by Jane Mann and John D.F. Black.

FYI - Mr Black has a long list of credits.

The director was Boris Petroff ( 1894 – 1972 ). He was also involved with SHOTGUN WEDDING. A film allegedly co-written by Ed Wood.

Screengrabs from THE UNEARTHLY

Some of the actors and actresses are.....

John Carradine, Tor Johnson, and Myron Healey.

Arthur Batanides, delivers some truly memorable performances.

Allison Hayes also has a sizeable part in this film.

Screengrabs of Sally Todd in THE UNEARTHLY

Sally Todd, va-va-va-voom!... There's not enough of her! She looks great!

Newspaper clipping for THE UNEARTHLY ( from July 14, 1957 )

This movie was released on VHS a few times. Once by RHINO, if I remember correctly. There was also a MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER version... AVOID!

As for DVD, it was released on region one DVD by IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT. It's currently out-of-print. Another DVD was released by SHOUT FACTORY... It's a MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER disc, so don't waste your money on it!

You can find grey-market discs, but they're a WASTE OF MONEY.

I recently watched it on YOUTUBE, but that video was taken down. Just search for it, you'll probably find another source.


  1. We should collaborate on a no-budget indie feature film! I hate MTS3K too! Those assholes are incapable of making a film of their own, so they take cheap shots at others who have actually made films! Dipshits.

  2. Or maybe not! I've got a small room full of working filmmaking equipment, and nobody wants to make films anymore because I'm not rolling in cash. Not that I ever was, but as time has passed, making films for fun and laughs and to have something to share with friends on a Saturday evening with lots of pizza and beer is no longer so appealing...unlike back in the '70s-'80s!

  3. I stopped trying to make films during the early 90s.... It ended badly, so many many things that went wrong. Sometimes I had fun, but the bad times were always stronger. The YOUTUBErs seem to have taken over... for now....

  4. After umpteen shorts over the decades, I won't quit until I've made a few features!