Saturday, September 24, 2011


Phil Karlson

Robert Smith
George Zuckerman
Phil Karlson
John Payne

John Payne
Peggie Castle
Brad Dexter
Evelyn Keyes
Frank Faylen
And many others

Ernie ( John Payne )

Pauline ( Peggie Castle )

Victor ( Brad Dexter )

Linda ( Evelyn Keyes )

Stan ( Frank Faylen )

Ernie is an ex-boxer, turned cab driver.

His wife Pauline is bitter. She blames him for her failures in life.

Their marriage is in trouble, and things are about to get worse.

Ernie buys a big box of chocolates for Pauline. He drives to the flower shop where she works, to deliver it.

When he gets there, he's shocked to see Pauline locked in a passionate kiss with Victor, her criminal lover.

He leaves in a rage.

A short time later, he gets fooled into believing his friend Linda has committed murder. It turns out to be an elaborate audition for a part in a play. Ernie goes ballistic and beats the crap out of the show's producers.

A short time later, the producers press charges against Ernie. Now the cops are after him.

Victor murders Pauline and frames Ernie for it.

Ernie is in deep shit and has to clear his name. So he reluctantly accepts help from Linda.

Things are further complicated by a gang of crooks that Victor double crossed.

Meanwhile, Victor has gotten hold of a fake passport and is planning on leaving the country.

Ernie's life is crumbling, and he desperately needs to find Victor. But time is running out....

Pauline: "I'd be a star if I hadn't married you!"

Ernie: "We've stuck it out for four years, give it another four months"

Christopher: "You killed him when you clubbed him with the gun"

Ernie: "I'm married to a tramp!.. Do I have to like it?!"

Ernie: "You may be a great actress in here, but in my book, you're just one more phony!"

Linda: "The payoff he wanted, was me"

Ernie: "My only witness, I've got to get him"

Ernie: "The harder you're hit, the harder you have to hit back"

Black and white
Region - Not applicable
Company - MGM
NOT rated
Extras - Not applicable
Inserts - Not applicable


PRICE - Free


I love it!... This is a rare fim, and a true gem!

There isn't a dull moment! The movie wastes no time getting into betrayal, adultery, violence, and murder!

I don't know if it was ever released on "legit" VHS. However, 99 RIVER STREET is now available as a MOD-DVD by MGM.

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